A Look at Buying a Mobile Home in New Jersey

This week we are taking a look at buying a mobile home in New Jersey, which happens to be the most densely populated state with more people per square mile than any other state in the country. From how to research before buying to taking a look at some of the cool homes in the state we cover it all.

Facts About New Jersey

There are over 127 miles of coastline in New Jersey. Which makes it the perfect home for some great vacation retreats full of cool mobile homes. Take a look at some of the other facts we found about mobile homes in New Jersey:

Average price of a pre-owned home: $82062
Average model year of a pre-owned home: 2001
Average pre-owned home size in square feet: 1101
Average sites in a manufactured home community: 166
Average year a community was developed: 1979
Number of age-restricted communities: 66
Number of all-age communities: 151

Double Wide With Landscaping
Even a small covered landing can complete the look of a mobile home.

How to Research Before You Buy

One of the biggest resources a potential homeowner has when considering buying a mobile home in New Jersey is access to the New Jersey Manufactured Housing Association site. While there you can learn why manufactured housing is becoming a top choice for new homeowners, what value and features are found in mobile homes, as well as how to finance and where to place your new mobile home.

New Jersey MHA
2741 Nottingham Way
Trenton, NJ 08619
(609) 588-9040

Registering Your New Mobile Home

According to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, a mobile home will need to be titled within 10 days of purchase in order not to have a penalty. You will need to bring the following when registering your home:

  • Acceptable proof of identification.
  • A properly completed, signed, original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) or title.
  • If the vehicle is financed, you must provide the address and Entity Identification Number (formerly corpcode) of the lien holder. The original title will be sent to the lien holder.
  • $60 fee or $85 fee for a financed vehicle.

Remember, if you are buying a new mobile home the dealer will usually take care of the registration for you. Just make sure when you are signing the necessary paperwork at closing you make sure its included.

Handling Any Issues After the Sale

All new mobile homes include a 1-year manufactured home warranty. This warranty covers defects from the manufacturer as well as issues that may be a result of installation. Make sure you take a good look at your new home after it has been setup. Contact the dealer if you see any issues. Be sure to keep good records of any communications (preferably communicate in writing) so that you have a paper trail showing you have tried to resolve your issues within the first year.

If you aren’t able to get your issues resolved, you will need to utilize the HUD Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program. New Jersey doesn’t administer their program. Instead, they are a part of the federal program that handles these issues.  You can submit your complaint in the following ways:

Online Email: [email protected] Phone: 571-882-2928 Fax: 888-819-5191 Mail (preferably certified): ATTN: Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program 1676 International Drive Suite 501 McLean, Virginia, 22102

Mobile Home Living in New Jersey

When looking for cool mobile homes to share with you in New Jersey, the first thing I noticed was the variety of homes available. Although New Jersey is mostly urban, there are homes on Zillow in mobile home parks, on their own land, and plenty of waterfront homes that would make wonderful vacation homes.

Take a look at just a few that are available:

Buying A Mobile Home In New Jersey Small Single Wide
Looks like perfect lake front living!
Double Wide With Painted Shutters And Door
Picture perfect!
Double Wide With Awning
Awnings are a good choice if a porch isn’t an option.

Buying a mobile home in New Jersey is a great idea. With the ever growing population in the state, manufactured housing is going to continue to be a wise choice for potential homeowners that is both economical and offers all the same value as stick built homes.

Stay tuned as we wind down our series, with Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts finishing us out.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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  1. Dear Kim,
    New Jersey is the most populated state per mile. We have many acres of federal, state and local land that has no population at all. Which is a good percentage of our state.(22% state land and national parks) (federal government owns 3.67 percent of the land)Leaving 8.882 million people (2019) to living an average 1207.8 per mile. My county has 5,173 per mile (union). So we don’t have the most when it comes to the total population that other states have but nj is the most density populated state. But the fourth smallest with 8722.58 total square miles. This fact will change if Washington DC. becomes a state. I loved living here but I can’t stand watching the open spaces disappearing for development. How many malls and fast food restaurants do we need in one state? My city has 2 McDonald’s and burger kings. 3 family dollars. Dunkin donuts and 7-11s are so numerous I think they outnumber the mosquitoes in nj.

  2. Kim Alley, Curious why You think New Jersey is the most populated state, it’s not even in the top ten. NJ has just under 9 million, California has just under 40 million people.New Jersey is the most densely populated though, maybe that’s what you meant.