Last week our series took a look at buying a mobile home in South Dakota. This time we are headed slightly north and turning our attention to things you should know when buying a mobile home in North Dakota.

North Dakota Mobile Homes by the Numbers

Looking for farmland or just room to spread out? Like South Dakota, North Dakota is also a prime spot for mobile home living. With over 90% of the land in the state ranch or farms, there is plenty of opportunities to find the perfect spot for a manufactured home. Here are some other interesting facts about the state and mobile homes:

The average price of a pre-owned home: $41551
Average model year of a pre-owned home: 2007
Average pre-owned home size in square feet: 1205
Average sites in a manufactured home community: 142
Average year a community was developed: 1988
Number of age-restricted communities: 2
Number of all-age communities: 85

Simple Single Wide
These older single wides were the original tiny homes.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Resources for a Smart Purchase

Buying a new or used manufactured home is a big decision. There is so much to consider, which makes resources like the North Dakota Manufactured Housing Association a good place to start when doing research. Not only do they share the benefits of owning a manufactured home, but they also help guide you with lending options, ways to find communities as well as how to find professionals to service your home. The site is full of great information!

North Dakota MHA
P.O. Box 2681
Bismarck, ND 58502
(701) 223-6671

After the Sale

So, you’ve decided on your new home and are ready to move in. The last step to buying a mobile home in North Dakota will be to make that home legally yours. North Dakota’s Motor Vehicle Department issues certificates of title for mobile homes. Anyone who purchases a mobile home and is applying for a title must present, with the application, a certified statement of the full consideration paid for the mobile home. The State Equalization Board then uses the statement to generate a report used by the State Tax Commissioner to determine the proper assessment of mobile homes for tax purposes.

If you are placing your home on land you own and on a permanent foundation it will become real estate instead of personal property. You will need to contact your county’s clerk office to fill out the necessary forms and you will need to fill out a cancellation of title form with the DMV as well.

Where to Turn if There are Issues

In a perfect world, once your new manufactured home has been set up you and you live happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are times that just isn’t the case. Luckily, all new purchases come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty to handle any problems that might have come from the setup of the home or defects from the manufacturer. It’s important to reach out as soon as you notice any issues and keep plenty of notes of any communications you have while trying to get your issues taken care of.

If you aren’t able to get your issues resolved, you will need to utilize the HUD Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program. North Dakota is one of about half of the states across the county that doesn’t administer their own program. Instead, they are a part of the federal program that is in place. You can submit your complaint in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 571-882-2928
Fax: 888-819-5191
Mail (preferably certified):
ATTN: Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program
1676 International Drive
Suite 501
McLean, Virginia, 22102

Mobile Home Living in North Dakota

One of our favorite things about our state guide series is exploring all of the awesome mobile homes that can be found across the country. Checking out sites like Zillow, you never know what you might find.

Buying A Mobile Home In North Dakota Double Wide And Garage
You can still create a great entertaining spot in a small space.
Single Wide With Garage
The garage is tied together nicely with this home.
Double Wide With Awesome Landscaping
The landscape makes this mobile home shine.

Our state guide series has been an invaluable resource for potential and current mobile home buyers across the country. With only a handful of states left, our Buying a Mobile series will continue next time with a look at buying a mobile home in Wisconsin.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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