Double Wide Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms and kitchens are the top 2 rooms that get remodeled and updated most in our homes. Changing styles, new technology and repair issues are the main reasons for most makeovers.

However, bathrooms are hard to remodel. They aren’t like bedrooms where you just pick a new paint color and flooring and have a whole new look for your room. You have to plan ahead and think about the location and layout of your plumbing. You have to utilize all sorts of different talents to come up with a room that you will love! We have a great mobile home bathroom guide that can help you get started on your own remodel.

There are so many things you have to deal with before you even get to the fun part of picking the colors and fixtures during a bathroom remodel.

Kimberly Carte managed a great double wide bathroom remodel in her Gold Medal double wide and the outcome is terrific!

Kim and a friend completely replaced all the standard vinyl coated walls with drywall, removed the garden tub and installed an awesome shower and removed the double sinks and installed a single vanity. New Allure laminate tiling and a great paint color complete the room.


double wide bathroom remodel-bathroom before

We all know these walls! Typical vinyl coated wall boards with the dreaded strips that cover the seams and with a pattern. It’s a feature that became popular in the early 80’s after the paneling craze and it’s just now ending. Of course, in 25 years it will be probably come back in style.

The plastic sinks are another well-known feature that is used more for its lightweight than its style but they are easily replaced and should be replaced. Once a home is moved onto a location it is rarely moved again and can be updated easily with whatever materials you want.

Here’s the demolition.

double wide bathroom remodel-sink before

The sinks were replaced with this attractive and modern furniture piece with a great top. The flooring adds a great foundation for any color but the blue of the walls really makes a statement!


double wide bathroom remodel-sink after

double wide bathroom remodel-bathroom after

The corner shower opens a lot of room up in this small space. The thick white trim gives the room a great cohesive look.

double wide bathroom remodel-shower after

This remodel costs less than $2,500 and that’s a great price for a bathroom remodel. This room is vibrant, fun, modern and a perfect place to get away from it all!

We asked Kim a couple of questions:

What advice would you give someone that’s about to remodel a room?

The advise I’d give would be to expect anything to happen. No remodeling project whether it’s in a manufactured home or a stick built is going to go smoothly. There will be problems and issues you didn’t plan for. Just try to not let them stress you out. 

Any tips or tricks?

I think I was most frustrated by the start and stopping of my project but that wasn’t anything I could help at the time. I’m just very excited it’s over and very pleased with the final outcome. ~ 

In your opinion, what are the advantages of manufactured homes? 

Manufactured homes get a lot of negative feedback but if they are well maintained and people invest the time and effort into making them a home, they could look just as nice as anything else.

Thanks, Kim, for sharing your bathroom remodel!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!