Landscaping Ideas for Mobile Home Park Residents

Landscaping can be a tad difficult if you live in mobile home park. Most communities prohibit planting trees or deep-rooted perennials and for good reason, roots can damage underground pipes and footers. But you can still create a gorgeous yard or outdoor living space without breaking park rules.

Read on to discover our favorite landscaping tips for mobile home park residents.

Add color for every season

Bush Of Colorful Calluna Plants In Pots In Garden Flower-Bed
Bush Of Colorful Calluna Plants In Pots In Garden Flower-Bed

Buildings, walkways, and public transport all have one thing in common – they lack color. So much of the outside world has been desig

Landscaping gives you an opportunity to add some color to your day.

Colors like olive green and light blue are scientifically proven to create calming feelings.great choice for furniture and fencing.

Feature the walkway

Most parks place mobile homes at a diagonal with the tongue pointing at the street. This layout creates a short walkway between the driveway and the front (or back) door. garden faux pas is to walk on the grass. Subconsciously, we tend to walk across the same approximate areas of grass everytime we move through the garden, especially if we’re heading to a specific part of it regularly.

Outdoor lighting is crucial

Use lighting strategically to highlight features of your home.

Small Solar Garden Light, Lantern In Flower Bed. Garden Design.
Small Solar Garden Light, Lantern In Flower Bed.

Material matters

You can avoid repetition in your garden by using a variety of materials.

Use pebbles, wood chips and large rocks in different parts of your garden to create varied tones and textures. It’ll stop your garden looking like a single space and break it up into separate zones.

Create an outdoor seating area

You can get creative with outdoor seating, adding hidden benches for quiet days reading or a dining table and chairs for social events with friends and family.

Soften hard lines

Avoid putting straight edges everywhere in your garden because this will make the space feel too rigid. Using different shapes for walkways, fences, and flower beds will add character and depth to the space. Our recommendation is curved-top fencing.

Voltaire once wrote that ‘we must cultivate our own garden’, but frankly there weren’t many companies who would do it all for you back then. With 18,127 landscaping companies in Australia, it’s worthwhile considering booking a professional landscaper to organize your garden.

With land and house packages Brisbane, you can rely on expert landscapers to create a stunning garden that is usable and easy-on-the-eye.

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