Modern Beach Style Manufactured Home Makeover

Mobile Home Renovation - After - Kitchen 2

Paul Merrick, an Encinitas, CA contractor, recently completed this modern beach style manufactured home makeover and it looks great! Stylish Southern California beach home.

While the home was in fair condition, Mr. Merrick gave the factory-built single wide with a small entry room addition a fresh new look inside and outside using smart manufactured home renovation ideas such as painting the kitchen cabinets and walls and installing laminate flooring , ceramic tile, and modern lighting. All great ways to update your home!

Before the Modern Beach Style Manufactured Home Makeover 

This home was in good condition before Paul’smodern beach style manufactured home makeover . Below you can see the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

modern beach style manufactured home makeover - kitchen before 3

After the Modern Beach Style Manufactured Home Makeover

This modern beach style manufactured home makeover speaks for itself!

In the kitchen, the cabinetry were professionally painted and new laminate flooring and lighting was installed. New hardware was installed too.

Paul also painted the ceramic tile counter top. You can read more about it below!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the kitchen before and after modern beach style manufactured home makeover:

Modern furniture and decor were installed in the dining room:

modern beach style manufactured home makeover - after living room

A colorful table and unique wall art were installed on the small wall between the kitchen and living area. This is a great way to separate space in a home with an open floor concept. 

Bedroom and Bathroom

The modern beach style manufactured home makeover included complete bedroom and bathroom updates.

modern beach style manufactured home makeover -after bathroom

Exterior Transformation

The exterior was also updated during this modern beach style manufactured home makeover! Below are the before and after photos.

Affordable and easy-to-find steel bars were moulded to create the porch rails – a great way to save money!

Manufactured Home Renovation: Paul’s Interview

It’s not often we see contractors willing to work on manufactured homes so I was excited when Paul agreed to answer a few questions for us.

Manufactured Home renovation project summary: 

This manufactured home renovation project was done for a client who needed a place for her brother to live. With a $7,000 budget, Paul chose to focus on the large surfaces (walls, flooring, and cabinetry) to get the most bang for the buck.

Community info:

The home is just blocks from the beach in an exclusive community. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are houses that are compact, yet modern. The homeowners in the community are mostly made up of surfers and young couples wanting to escape a big footprint and be close to the water.

Tools and materials used:

Laminate flooring
Ceramic tile
Lighting, etc.

Total cost of project: $7,000

Any tips or tricks you learned during the project:

Painting tile is incredibly doable and doesn’t cost too much! It can save lots of money vs. buying a new counter top.

Also, new hardware and paint on cabinets can make a world of a difference too. These cabinets weren’t even real wood and we could still paint over them like a wood cabinet.

Also, the teak tiles from IKEA on the deck made it feel super custom and save money from having to buy all the redwood. We just built it with plywood boards and tiled those teak tiles on top. Very easy way to top a deck.

Proudest DIY moment:

Using the steel bars for the railing on the deck was super cheap! Especially compared to making a custom railing.

Biggest challenge:

The bathroom sub-floor was rotted and molded and had to be completely replaced. That lead to the new tile being a little harder to lay because we had to re level everything again.

Favorite room in the home:

The entry room. I like that the curtain gives it it’s own space and makes it feel a little bigger or more separated.

Advice you would give someone about buying and living in a manufactured home:

Always, always, always check what the space rent will be and if you need financing make sure to check if they lend on leasehold estate property. Conventional loans only work on land owned homes.

About Paul Merrick Construction

Paul Merrick Construction is a general contractor in southern California based out of Oceanside, CA, and he willingly takes on mobile home projects, unlike many in his industry.

Please Note: I do not know Paul personally and have not been paid to feature this modern beach style manufactured home makeover. It is simply a great example of the potential that manufactured homes have. Before you hire a contractor please research the company and get references.

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

Mobile Home Renovation - After - Kitchen 2
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  1. Great article, Crystal. I really like the kitchen transformation. The whole project gives me so many ideas. Maybe someday…

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