Pams path to debt-free living in a mobile home

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  1. Super great!! Good job on all. I am in the process of remodeling my entire single wide from roof to floor including electrical. Total budget cost around 76k. Total Reno of kitchen and bath. I’ll be taking pictures and hopefully share with everyone later. Look forward to hearing more!!

  2. This is amazing! I am just now getting out of college and worrying about all of this and I’ve been considering the mobile home option for living. I could save money by not renting and have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing this inspiration!

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for reading MMHL. I’m glad you liked the article. We are finding that our older mobile home is quite comfortable….and with no mortgage, we are able to put some money in the bank. And all that ‘Stuff’ that we had in our larger home….we didn’t really need all of that anyway. Wishing you good luck and happiness……Pam

  3. Crystal, I’m really enjoying reading all of the stories on this blog! My girlfriend and I have been considering a mobile home as an alternative to renting. We are young and she has a huge amount of student loan debt (so much for debt free living here haha) We found a really nice park in the woods near a state park that we love! There are a few late 1970’s model single-wides that are selling for about $10k including the lot share, valued at $16.5k. At first we were considering tearing down the old one and buying a new one but, I’m an engineer and very environmentally conscience so, I never really liked that idea. Now we’re considering a complete gut and rebuild using sustainable (LEED) building practices to build the small ultra-efficient home of our dreams. We’re in an area of the northeast where land and property taxes are high and site work is expensive due to topography so, we’d never be able to afford that but, this path could give us the ability to create something desirable without generating too much waste or putting ourselves into a lifetime of additional debt. Thanks for creating this blog which, is helping us get started along this exciting path.

    1. Hi Patrick!

      I’m so excited for you and appreciate you taking the time to comment! There are so many advantages of buying an older mobile home and remodeling it as your budget allows. I hope you take lots of photos and notes during your project – I would love to share it!

      Best of luck!