One of our previous featured homeowners changed the look of her interior doors and I was inspired to find more mobile home door repairs and makeover ideas.

In this article, we cover a few different mobile home door repairs to fix noisy hinges, broken doorknobs, and sticking doors. We also show you how to repair dents in metal doors along with some smart mobile home door makeover ideas.

Mobile Home Door Repairs

In all the mobile homes that we lived in over the years all the interior mobile home doors were made of a smooth laminate with that fake wood design and no dimension at all. The doorknobs were either plastic with a push-button lock or metal with a twist lock.

Sticky Doors

If your mobile home doors stick excessively if could be a sign that your home needs to be releveled. Learn more about mobile home leveling issues here. Sticking

It could also just mean that your hinges could use a little love and are sticking due to swelling or rust.

Hinges can be adjusted or replaced on old doors.

mobile home door-hinge
Hinges wear and may need to be changed after years of use.

This article on This Old House covers sticky doors.

This article from Family Handyman shows you how to replace hinges and has many photos to guide you through the process.

mobile home door-lock set
Changing your knob/lock can be an easy fix.

Door Knob Won’t Turn or Lock

If your doorknob doesn’t seem to turn or doesn’t want to lock or unlock, something as simple as lubricating it with some W-D 40 could do the trick. Of course, you can replace your doorknob fairly quickly and easily. You can buy a stainless steel exterior mobile home door knob with lock for less than $15 here.

Changing your knob/lock can be an easy fix.
This video is a good resource to learn how to quickly replace your mobile home doorknob:

Fixing Dents in Metal Doors

Metal exterior doors tend to get dents easily. Fortunately, you can use Bondo to make them disappear. You can use a scrap block with 120 to 150 grit sandpaper to sand the dried Bondo smooth and then paint it with metal paint.

How To Repair Dents In Metal Doors

Mobile Home Door Makeover Ideas

Buying new mobile home doors is an investment and sometimes we just don’t have the money to get a new one. This budget-friendly project can help you. We found this affordable exterior mobile home door makeover on Home Talk (link unknown).

If a new door isn’t in the budget yet you can still give them an update on a budget. This homeowner had a piece of vinyl laminated paneling that’sd popular for bathrooms and added it to the old exterior mobile home door he had.

mobile home door-Old mobile home front door of a mobile home before makeover
The old mobile home door is rough but nothing an afternoon and $20 can’t fix.

The homeowner cut the paneling to size and pre-drilled the necessary holes for the locks. attached the new exterior skin using small white paneling nails that matched the paneling.

Mobile Home Door Repairs New Cover For Old Door

Viola! The old mobile home door has a fresh new look that only cost a few dollars. The door looks great to have only cost a few dollars!

mobile home door-old mobile home front door updated
The final product.

This is a good project only if your mobile home door is not warped. If you have a warped door it will probably need to be replaced.

Mobile Home Door Makeover Ideas

You can makeover interior mobile home doors, too. Mobile home interior doors are also shorter and more narrow than the doors you can find at Lowe’s so you’ll want to buy them from a mobile home supply store whenever possible. Otherwise, you will have to retrofit them to work by cutting the bottom of the door.

But, if there’s nothing wrong with your interior doors and you just want to give them a new look these two projects are perfect.

My dad’s new double wide, the interior doors are much different than our 1978 mobile home. They are wider and taller and most importantly they have 6-dimensional panels and a 6 inch tall vent in the bottom of every interior door. They are all beautiful doors and the vents seem to be a smart addition to help circulate air.

Adding Dimension with Trim

We featured Shannon’s great double-wide manufactured home makeover a couple of years ago. Her interior door makeover is one of our favorite projects of all time. It’s so simple yet so significant! It completely changes the look of the door.

Shannon nailed trim to make the door appear to be the more expensive panel door. The trim, nails, and paint will cost you less than a good pizza!

Makeover Interior Mobile Home Doors X

Adding Depth with Beadboard

This next homeowner is on her way to a similar mobile home door makeover. She glued thin beadboard panels to the door and then trimmed it out.

This image shows her in the process of painting the door. It makes a huge difference!

ideas to makeover interior mobile home doors

Doors are much more important than homeowners realize. Cheap plain doors can make a home appear cheap. These mobile home door repairs and makeover ideas should help you make your doors function and look better.

Have you changed the look of your mobile home doors? Have a cool tip we can add to help homeowners with their doors? Please add it in the comments below.

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