The growing home automation industry has been leaving homeowners impressed by new levels of convenience and security. Most of the attention in this field is focused on traditional, stationary houses, but there are plenty of ways to take advantage of smart home security options for your mobile home as well. With the following automated home gadgets, you can make your mobile home more secure, convenient and comfortable.

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Top 5 Smart Home Security Options for your Mobile Home

Smart Home Security Options for your Mobile Home - security cameras

You can buy a 4 camera system for around $100 at Amazon.

Security Cameras

Today’s home surveillance cameras are better than their counterparts from decades ago because of innovations that extend their ability significantly. Many products store video footage on the cloud so that you can later review anything unusual that happened while you were away from home. Most models also have a compatible app in which you can access a live video feed from your smartphone if you ever get an alert about unusual activity. Some models incorporate night vision features, so you can use them 24/7.


Smart Home Security Options for your Mobile Home - solar powered motion sensor lights

Solar powered motion detection lights are a great idea for all homes. This one is about $40.00 on Amazon (affiliate).

Security Lighting

Security lighting is one of the most popular smart home security options for your mobile home. With smart security lights set up outside your home, you can program them to turn on whenever they detect motion or set a timer if it gets dark before you get home. Smart lights set up in your home can also be programmed to turn off and on to create the illusion that someone is home, even if you’re away for a short amount of time. Most of these systems also come with a smartphone app, so you can control your lights from virtually anywhere.

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Doorbell Cameras

Another smart home security options for your mobile home is a doorbell camera that lets you see the person at your door before you decide whether or not to let them in. Most of these devices include two-way chat capability, so you can speak to the visitor if it’s someone you’re unfamiliar with. Some models give you notifications on your phone so that you never miss a visitor. Like smart security cameras, doorbell cameras are able to record clips and 24/7 continuous video, if you ever need to circle back and check on any suspicious people or activity.


Smart Home Security Options for your Mobile Home include Expensive and Budget Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be simple and affordable or complex and expensive but both are smart home security options for your mobile home. For protection on a budget, you can install battery operated window alarms that will sound if they detect movement or if the magnets have been separated.

In addition to window and door alarms, a sophisticated alarm system can also detect any break-ins from your front door or windows and alert the proper authorities on its own. With sensors set up around your house, the proper alarm system will effectively stop, or at the very least, delay, the intruder to give you time to take the proper action. Some alarm systems also come with different add-on gadgets, such as cameras and lights, for a little boost to your overall security.

Smart Locks 

Installing smart locks in your mobile home make it a breeze to enter and leave without worrying about multiple physical keys. If you ever wonder if you locked your front door after you left your mobile home in the morning, the smart home app will ease your worries with the press of a button. Specific models also allow you to add trusted contacts so if you ever need to let someone into your home, only people that you personally add will be able to enter. If you ever change your mind about certain people, all you need to do is revoke the appropriate privileges.

All the security solutions described above come in small sizes, making them ideal for mobile and manufactured homes where space is at a premium. You can add these smart home security options for your mobile home, without spending a fortune, and be able to look forward to a safer, more relaxing environment to live in.

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