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Manufactured Homes are a Smart Retirement Option

Mobile and manufactured homes are great for everyone but they are perfect for two groups: people just starting out in life and retirees. 

Retirement is the sweet icing on the cake of life and manufactured homes can help make life even sweeter. 

Unfortunately, a lot of us aren’t quite as ready as we need to be for retirement. Fortunately, manufactured homes are a smart retirement option. 

The cost of living has increased significantly but income has stagnated. It takes every penny we have to live in the present so how are we supposed to put away for the future?

A large percentage of Americans are getting older and we need affordable housing more than ever. Heck, we need affordable housing for every age group but especially our aging baby boomers.

“….the senior population is expected to more than double in the next 40 years. Rural America is “older” than the nation as a whole and more than one-quarter of all seniors live in rural and small-town areas. A rapidly aging population will significantly impact nearly all aspects of the nation’s social, economic, and housing systems. Most seniors wish to remain and age in their homes as long as possible, but rural elders are increasingly experiencing challenges with housing affordability and quality…”

Retirement Isn’t Easy for the Average American

Retirement statistics are alarming.

USA Today reports:

“….About 36% of workers have less than $1,000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement, not counting their primary residence or defined benefits plans such as traditional pensions, and 60% of workers have less than $25,000, according to a telephone survey of 1,000 workers and 501 retirees from the non-profit Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald and Associates.”

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Manufactured Homes are a Smart Retirement Option

With an aging population and an affordable housing crisis across the nation it’s important that we find solutions.

Manufactured homes are a smart solution for many retirees. Here’s why:

Manufactured Homes are Affordable

Manufactured homes are an extremely affordable housing option for any age group. Cost per square foot is almost half that of a site-built home!

It’s no secret that a lot of retirees sell their larger site-built home and buy a smaller manufactured home. Often, they move south to enjoy the warmer weather in the process. Profit made from the sell of their site-built home can allow them to pay cash for an older mobile home and have money left over to pad their savings account. It’s a smart choice for many people.

Smaller Homes are Easier to Maintain

Most retirees don’t need a lot of house. Maintenance and cleaning for larger homes are more expensive and, of course, repairs will be more expensive in larger homes.

The more you have the more upkeep you have to do.

Retirement should be as simple and as easy as possible which is why people chose mobile home parks and condos that include lawn maintenance into the monthly rental costs.

Manufactured Homes are Predominantly Single-Story Homes 

Steps can be difficult for retirees which makes the average single story manufactured home a great choice.

You can have manufactured homes built to work with your specific needs. Many wheelchair-bound homeowners order their homes with wider doorways and hallways, lower countertops, and little to no overhead cabinetry. Special beds with bed rails are easier to get in and out of single-story homes that are lower to the ground like manufactured homes.

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Manufactured Homes are a Popular Housing Choice 

Manufactured homes are best known for being a perfect housing option for retirees and young families just starting out.

Close to 20 million people currently live in a mobile or manufactured home. They enjoy the comforts of modern living at a reduced cost. Don’t let the stigma turn you away from factory-built housing – they serve an important function in our society!

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