5th Wheel Camper Makeover - Kitchen and Dining Area

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  1. I so glad that I have came across your site, as my husband and I have just purchased a 2 yr old RV. I am wanting to update the home by bringing in more detail and colors. It is nice but currently to brown for my taste. We just completely redid our 5 bedroom home updating to sell it which is now bright white, greys and dark floors. I am very excited about redoing this new home on wheels space but at the same time feeling very anxious. I don’t want yo deface the RV trade in value for money return we when might sell it in thd future. I would love to be featured in your published site as we progress. Also, could you please tell me what other people who have done remodeling projects in their RVS.

    1. Hi Mary Ann!

      I am always looking for homes and RV’s to share! All I need are photos and some details about the project. If you click on ‘Campers and RV’s’ you’ll see all the ones I’ve shared so far. Pinterest is another great place to find inspiration, too.

      Best of luck to you! Be sure to take photos of the process!

  2. Can you give any guidance on what kind of wall paint works over the ugly typical RV wall coverings? I’d really like to paint and update ours from the fake tumbled wall stone look!!!

    1. Dana, I painted them in my Airstream. I first primed with Kilz oil based primer, tinted the color. Then painted with Latex paint. 10 years later still looks good.