10 Cheap DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

You Will Fall for These Cheap DIY Fall Decorating Ideas! 

There’s something about the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and warm fall colors that make a home cozy and welcoming.

Here are 10 cheap DIY fall decorating ideas that will help you create a stylish, relaxing home. Just click on the name of the project to be taken to the tutorials.

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Plastic Egg Acorns

Cheap diy fall decorating ideas -acorns made from plastic eggs

This is such a creative project! All you need is some plastic Easter eggs, glue, paint, jute twine, and pinecones. You can hang them on a seasonal tree or put them in bowls.

Bat and Ghost Garland

Cheap diy fall decorating ideas - bat garland

Duct tape is awesome! You can do darn near anything with it, including making cute Halloween bat and ghost garland that will look great hanging anywhere in your home. All you need is black and white duct tape, scissors, and twine.

Basket Pumpkins

Cheap diy fall decorating ideas - basket pumpkins

Produce baskets are easy to find and have lots of uses. This project uses them as pumpkins! You could put a smaller one under one to create covered storage, too. All you need is paint, baskets, wire, and paper to make leaves.

Bark Owls

Cheap diy fall decorating ideas - bark-owls

These owls are adorable! Take some bark from a tree, acorns, twigs, and a hot glue gun. You could make them in several sizes and use them to decorate your mantle or tables. Amazing!

Paper Book Pumpkins

Cheap diy fall decorating ideas - book pumpkins

This DIY fall decorating project is perfect for book lovers! If you have some damaged books this would be a great use for them. All you need is a book, exacto knife, and glue.

Camper Pumpkin 

Car and camper pumpkin project - diy fall decorating ideas

Better Homes and Gardens has the carving patterns for both the car and the camper for free on their website! This is perfect!

More Great Cheap DIY Fall Decorating Ideas…

Acorn Wreath

Acorn wreath - diy fall decorating ideas

This acorn wreath is a great addition to a front door or window. You can paint the acorns any color you want! All you need are acorns, a wreath form, and hot glue.

Leaf Animals

Leaf animals - diy fall decor ideas

I had to include this project because it’s such a whimsical way to add some fun to your home. You can frame these works of leaf art and hang them anywhere.

Fall Doormat

Diy door mat project - diy fall decorating ideas

This DIY doormat is a great way to add color to your front porch without spending a ton of money (boy, doormats are expensive!). You can use any colors you want. All you need is paint, masking tape, and brushes.

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Wall flowers - diy fall decorating ideas

These flowers would be a great way to add texture and color to a wall, especially in a bedroom. You can use any colors you want to match your decor. You can also add them to twine and create a beautiful garland. All you need is 3-ply party napkins and wire.

Family Portrait Pumpkins

Cheap diy fall decorating ideas - pumpkin faces

These pumpkins are such a great way to add personality to your home! All you need is chalk paint and chalk. Add the paint to the pumpkin, let it dry, and then draw some cute faces. This would be a big hit with children!

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BONUS: More Great Pumpkin and DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall isn’t complete without decorating a few pumpkins! Here are a few cheaper DIY fall decorating Ideas I just had to share!

Country Living has an article with 60 great pumpkin and Cheap DIY fall decorating ideas. Here are just a few:

Deer pumpkin - diy fall decorating ideas

Owl pumpkin decor - diy fall decorating ideas

Owl pumpkin 2 - fall diy decor ideas -cheap diy fall decorating ideas

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Fall is a great season full of warmth, add these cheap DIY fall decorating ideas into your home for a welcoming and cozy space.

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