Mobile Home Park Security Tips

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It doesn’t matter whether you live in a mobile home park, an apartment complex, or a fancy gated community-there will always be problems when people live in close quarters. In this article, we share mobile home park security tips for bicycles.

A reader recently asked for ideas to keep her daughter’s new bicycle from being stolen in their new mobile home park. The old bike had been stolen from their back deck, the only place she really had to store it. She wasn’t alone, her neighbors had their bikes stolen as well, so we did a little research and found some smart tips to keep important things like bicycles safe and sound.

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1.  Install a Tracking System

Bicycles are high on the ‘most likely to be stolen’ list, but new technology can help.

Bicycles, both traditional and the fancy ones with the electric engines that I’ve been eyeballing for months, are a high priority for most thieves. They’re easy to steal, transport, change color and sell.

Specialized, the makers of high-end e-bikes recommend you install a GPS tag so you can always keep track of your bike using a smartphone tracking system.

These tags are perfect for tracking your bike but just having one can in sight can act as a great anti-theft agent.

There are both external and integrated ways of tracking your bike. For example, a sim can be integrated into the bike, which allows you to track the location via your mobile phone. An external GPS can also be attached to your bike, which will serve the same purpose as well. These can be paired with smart alarms to act as the perfect theft deterrent!

2. Make Your Bike Identifiable

Making your bike identifiable and unique is an expert tip to ensure your e-bike’s safety in a mobile home park or anywhere your travels take you.

Police will always need proof of ownership and a description of your bike so make it as identifiable as possible. Replace your black seat with a bright color like lime green or hot pink. It’s a lot easier to find a bike with a hot pink seat and the paint usually scratches right off if the bad guy painted over it.

Make sure you write down the bike’s brand and model, the serial code, the color, insurance, the type of lock you use, etc.

3. Lock Up Your Bike

Locking a bicycle with a typical chain lock isn’t enough anymore.

Bad guys can easily snap those cheap chain locks with a $10 tool but it helps if you make it a habit to lock your bikes up and teach your kids to do the same.

Just make sure you lock the bike to something solid that can’t be cut or manipulated. Strong solid surfaces like concrete posts that are hard to cut through are your best bet. You can also tie the bike to a street light or a tree.

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In Conclusion

Having anything stolen is a terrible feeling and it’s awful that so many of us have experienced it. Kids take it especially hard.

There will always be the risk of having your bike stolen, especially in places like mobile home parks where there may not be sheds or garages available.

We hope this article about mobile home park security tips for bicycles keeps your kids happy and peddling the days away.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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