Amazing Before and After Mobile Home Transformations We Love

Recently we asked members of our Facebook Group, Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs, to share with us some of their recent mobile home transformations. Boy did they deliver. Take a look at some of their recent projects and get ready to be inspired.

Living Rooms Ready for Entertaining

Our first living room comes from group members Elijah and Charity who took their nice but boring space and changed it. Recessed lighting, a fresh coat of paint, some new flooring, along with an accent wall behind the fireplace complete the space.

Elijah Charity Living Room Before
Carpet and dark walls describe this room.
Elijah Charity Living Room After
Light and bright describe it now.

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Group member Kim shared her living room with us as well and we love what she did with it. The most dramatic change, adding french doors to the end wall to open it up so they could enjoy their view. Another great designer trick Kim used, adding wainscoting around the room to break up the walls.

Kim Living Room Before With Wall
Unlimited potential in such an open space.
Kim Living Room After With Wall Out And French Doors Installed
What a beautiful and eclectic space.

It’s hard to get a good picture of what our reader Leah’s living room looked like before she began her mobile home transformation. But, there is no doubt what the after product is. Leah shared that she used brick panels that she purchased from a home improvement store and smeared it with spackling to create the finished look. Leah also replaced the old ceiling and installed recessed lighting in the new ceiling.

Leah Living Room Before
This space was more than ready for a change.
Leah Living Room After
What a gorgeous entertaining space.

Member Wendy shared her project with us as well. New flooring, a fresh coat of paint, and a nice furniture selection makes this the perfect entertaining space.

Wendy Living Room Before
I think we can all relate to the mess that comes with remodeling.
Wendy Living Room After
Fresh coat of paint totally changes the room.
Wendy Living Room Couch After
A rug is an easy way to pull a space together.

Our final living room makeover comes from another member named Wendy who shared with us her transformation. Wendy W. also used paint and new floors to completely change the look of her single-wide interior. We love what she did with the space!

Wendy W Living Room Before And After
Hanging your curtains higher helps give the illusion of taller ceilings.
Wendy W Interior Before And After
Wendy was able to create a one of a kind home for herself.

Kitchens that Wow

Our first kitchen that wows comes from Shannon who created a rustic farmhouse look to her kitchen with the help of some paint and pallet boards to add style. Another of those mobile home transformations that didn’t break the bank but completely changed the look of the kitchen.

Shannon Kitchen Before
Shannon Kitchen After

Our next update was shared with us by Cindi. From the before image it looks like a typical mobile home kitchen. However, as you can see from after image Cindi painted the cabinets, added a backsplash, and if we were to guess she probably redid the countertops herself. Looks great!

Cindi Kitchen Before And After
Grey is the hottest color out there right now.

As you can see our next kitchen was a total makeover. Wendy, who also shared with us some of her other transformations, did a complete redo of her kitchen. Gone are the old cabinets and were replaced with some state of the art easy pull lower cabinets, along with an open hutch, and compact refrigerator to make the most of the limited space she has available.

Wendy Hutch After
An open hutch adds charm.
Wendy Kitchen After
We love this white kitchen it’s pops of color.

Our next member, Kellie, used some of our favorite tricks to give an easy update to her kitchen. She simply painted the walls and changed the hardware on her cabinets. Kellie says she also took up the old flooring, then painted and stenciled the new.

Kellie Kitchen Before
The flowered vinyl walls had to go.
Kellie Kitchen View After
Looks great!

Our member Jodi and her husband did an amazing job on their kitchen remodeling project. Keeping the same layout they were still able to create an entirely new look. From what we can see they updated some of the appliances, painted cabinets, changed the countertops, updated the walls and added a backsplash, as well as created a unique ceiling to display their ceiling lights on.

Jodi Kitchen Before
Plenty of cabinet space in this roomy kitchen.
Jodi Kitchen Cool Lights After
What a stunning transformation.
Jodi Kitchen Island After
Jodi shared that her husband created the ceiling centerpiece.

Bathroom Mobile Home Transformations that Inspire

Debbie was kind enough to share her bathroom remodel with us and we are so glad. Updating the vanity countertop, as well as the tub surround, fresh paint on the walls and vanity, and some open shelving to add the final touch, complete this bathroom.

Debbie Bathroom During Remodel
Nothing harder than trying to live through a remodel!
Debbie Bathroom After
Love the addition of the backsplash and wainscoting.

Kellie was also gracious enough to share her bathroom remodel with us. As you can see the bathroom is typical mobile home style. However, Kellie added a cool beachy feel to the cabinetry and walls for a total update.

Lila shared her guest bathroom total remodel with us. Everything except the tub and toilet was gutted and replaced, including the paneling after water damage had taken its toll, and Lila resurfaced the tub and we must say it looks brand new.

Lila Bathroom Before
This bathroom was crying out for an update.
Lila Bathroom After
The finished look is perfect.

Our final bathroom remodel comes from Wendy who gave us a glimpse of several of her mobile home transformations. There’s no doubt that this bathroom was in dire need of an update and that’s just what it received.

Wendy Bathroom Before
Notice the old green tub?
Wendy Bathroom Shower After
This shower was a great fit.
Wendy Bathroom Vanity After
The bead board walls add charm.
Wendy Bathtub After
And she still had room for a soaker tub.

Exteriors that Make a Statement

There’s no doubt that updating the exterior of your home can be quite challenging. Deciding on colors, making sure you use the right paint, making just the right landscaping choices can all see overwhelming. But as you will see with these three exterior mobile home transformations it’s well worth the work.

Our first exterior comes from Nikki. As you can see they painted, added a sidewalk, and a little landscaping to totally change their home.

Mobile Home Transformations Nikki Exterior Before And After

Our next exterior update comes from Linda. We must say that the exterior in the before picture was in really good shape, but we love the finished look. These homeowners also painted and went with a one color rather than the contrast look they had before. They also added some awnings over the windows which gives the front of the home a one of a kind look.

Linda Exterior Before And After

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WOW! This final exterior mobile home transformation knocked our socks off. Wendy W., who also shared with us some of her other updates, created the same one of a kind look for the exterior of her home. As you can see, you can see paint can make all the difference in the world.

Mobile Home Transformations Wendy W Exterior Before And After

Did you notice the one thing most of these mobile home transformations had in common? Most, if not all, used paint to change the look of their mobile home. Whether it be painting the walls, the kitchen cabinets, or even the exterior of their home they all knew paint was an easy way to make a dramatic change.

Have a remodel you would like to share? We would love to hear from you. Comment below or visit our Get Featured Page to learn more.

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  1. Very inspiring. I am currently having a mobile home, in another state, totally renovated to live in since my husband passed last year. Your ideas are great. I am very partial to gray.

  2. Love them all
    Wish Wendy had an Instagram to see more!

    I SO want to get an acre here in Az and stick a couple of these on for Airbnb’s!

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