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Mobile Home Renovation: Professional Artist Creates a Rustic Masterpiece

This mobile home renovation is awe-inspiring!

In January 2013, Scott and Connie Winebarger moved a 1981 Commodore single wide onto their property in Ronda, NC and quickly began a mobile home renovation like none we’ve ever seen.

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No Ordinary Mobile Home Renovation

This isn’t just any ordinary mobile home renovation. Connie is an extremely talented professional faux painter and Scott is a licensed electrician. Together, they have managed to create a home that puts their unique talents on display.

This mobile home renovation was an exciting time for Scott and Connie to use their unique skills. Connie states, “We feel a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing we are the ones who have done it.” After you see the end results, you’ll see they have plenty of reason to feel accomplished!

The creative couple gutted, renovated, and made each space their own one room at a time. They focused on updating the home’s systems first: plumbing, heating and air, and electrical were all replaced.  After that, they began creating a rustic, yet modern, western style home that is as gorgeous as it is unique.

Living Room 

The living room went from ordinary to extraordinary! Words can’t really do this mobile home renovation much justice so we’ll just show you the before and after images.

Here’s the living room before Connie:

mobile home renovation - interior before faux painting

And here it is after Connie:

living room after faux painting - mobile home renovation

Connie used a Versailles texture treatment on the long hallway wall that every single wide mobile home has (the one none of us really know what to do with):

hallway long wall mobile home renovation after faux painting and ceiling update

The old paneling along the back living room wall was replaced with real wood. The side walls were faux painted with a similar rustic Western theme. Finally, glossed corrugated steel was used on the ceiling throughout the mobile home.

Combined with the decor and furnishings, this entire home is a perfect representation of a charming rustic, old West General Store!

On the opposite side of the room is the entertainment center:

TV and entertainment center after mobile home renovation

Reclaimed lumber frames the electric fireplace and flat panel TV.


The kitchen is just as outstanding as the living room! 

Here is the kitchen before the rustic western themed mobile home renovation:

mobile home renovation -kitchen before

Here’s what the kitchen looks like now:

kitchen after mobile home renovation in rustic western country theme

The walls were done using an Italian Breakaway Plaster, which gives a look and feel of being in an old building.

The cabinets were given a beautifully raised stencil treatment and painted to match the decor:

kitchen cabinets with raised stencil treatment and faux painting

The refrigerator was moved from its original spot creating more counter and cabinet space. The old stove hood was replaced with a microwave oven. Real wood replaced the original flooring.

kitchen and dining table after mobile home renovation

Bedroom Gets Reclaimed Barn Wood 

Before the update, the room lacked a certain charm but Connie and Scott took care of that!

bedroom back wall before mobile home renovation - rustic style

The bedroom window along the back wall was removed and replaced with old barn wood.

Reclaiming old wood is becoming more and more popular. The use of reclaimed wood creates a natural and warm look while being completely eco-friendly.

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bedroom after rustic country western themed mobile home renovation

Barn wood warms up a space as no other material can!


The walls in the bathroom had been replaced with a rough board and painted white. Connie quickly stained it to continue the rustic barn wood look. She continued the look with a painted wood-grain treatment on the remaining walls.

Below you can see the test patch for the stain Connie used:

bathroom before faux painting in rustic style

Here’s the toilet alcove after the wood was stained:

bathroom after wood stain was applied

The bathroom countertops were redone with granite and a crackling technique was applied to the bathroom cabinets:

bathroom vanity after rustic country style makeover

Bigger Plans Ahead

Connie and Scott may have finished the existing rooms but they are far from finished with their mobile home renovation.

The couple hopes to add a 14′ wide addition to the entire length of the mobile home. It will house an additional bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, dining room, and a covered deck.

After the addition, the home will be wrapped in board and baton to continue the rustic western look that she has perfectly mimicked so far.

Right now, the outside of this home currently looks like any other 1981 single wide but that’s only because Scott and Connie haven’t gotten around to the exterior yet! Could you imagine walking up to the door and then seeing the interior?

1981 Commodore mobile home renovation - exterior before

Another perfect example that you should never judge a book by its cover! 

We’ll be sure to share the exterior mobile home renovation as soon as Scott and Connie get finished. I can guarantee it will be as amazing as the interior!

A huge thank you to Scott and Connie for letting me share their awesome home (and for being patient with me)!

Be sure to visit Connie’s website, Faux Designs by Connie, for more great examples of faux painting and if you’re looking for a faux painter for your own home projects in the Ronda, NC area definitely give Connie a shout – her talent is amazing!

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living! 

Crystal Adkins Adkins

Crystal Adkins Adkins

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