Mobile Mansions – A Vintage Mobile Home Video

If you enjoy vintage mobile homes, RVs’s, and campers you’re going to love this video, ‘MOBILE MANSIONS: The History of RV’s and Trailers.”

Mobile Mansions Travels the Road of Mobile Home History

Mobile Mansions is a full one hour video by Douglas Keister. It travels the timeline of mobile homes with great historical accuracy.

The narrator walks through the decades and transformations of the mobile home industry and uses tons of beautiful visuals: photos, advertisements, and quotes. 

Mobile Mansions is a treat from beginning to end!

Mr. Keister has given all of us vintage mobile home fans a wonderful gift with this video. Those that aren’t familiar with the history of manufactured homes can learn so much in a short amount of time.

This video can introduce our younger generation to the homes and the relevance they have played in America such as their pivotal role during WWII. You can learn more about their role in our article A History of American Trailer Parks.

We’ve written a lot of vintage mobile homes over the years. You can find them all listed here.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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Crystal Adkins
Crystal Adkins

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