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Modern Single Wide Manufactured Home

Stumbled upon this modern single wide manufactured home on Pinterest. I like it and the reason I’m sharing it today is that it has such an unusual feature that I’ve not seen before; a secret in the kitchen that leads to a laundry room.

The laundry room includes a half bath ensemble directly beside the kitchen. The room is hidden behind a secret door of fake cabinets smack in the middle of the real kitchen cabinets. It’s a feature you either love or hate but it is an unusual feature that could catch on. Single wides are notorious for having the laundry area in the hallway and well, this concept certainly remedies that problem.  It would be easy to shut the door on the clutter of wash day!
single wide manufactured home
single wide manufactured home
Light wood cabinetry, dark laminate flooring, and a neutral wall color are all modern trends. The island in the kitchen is another popular feature.  The industry is doing a great job of listening to their customers and building homes with popular designs.
single wide manufactured home
single wide manufactured home
Modern bathroom amenities such as garden tubs and plenty of storage are popular features, today.
The only thing I would change is getting rid of the patterned wall-covers. Enough is enough and if we can have computers that fit in our hands we should be able to have a lightweight but strong Sheetrock material in manufactured homes that can be installed.
single wide manufactured home
single wide manufactured home
single wide manufactured home

What are your thoughts on this one? Likes, dislikes, loves or hates?

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