Kitchen Remodel In Double Wide Manufactured Home 01

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  1. I would like to relocate our gas line for our range. It currently is located in the middle of our kitchen, possibly used to be an island but not sure. (The kitchen was half torn out when we bought it.) I would like to move it about 5 feet or so to an exterior wall. It will be closer to the gas meter in the new location. Can you tell me the best way to accomplish this, and the cheapest. Thanks.
    Love your site.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Messing with gas lines is tricky since it is to important to get the fittings tight and meet your local codes. You will definitely want to contact your local gas company and ask some questions (but if you don’t have to give any info don’t – they may notate the inquiry and that can give you some issues. For example, I’m in a position right now that if I move my power pole 20 feet I have to purchase a whole new meter that will cost $1500). Best of luck!

  2. I love the way you updated the kitchen. I love the dresser in the kitchen, is that small drawers at the top? What color red did you paint it? also what kind of wood did you use on the counter top? I’m not very brave to attempt the cabinet doors, but I’m going to try, did you sand them first then paint then distress? Beautiful job!!

  3. You did an awesome job in that kitchen. From an old-looking space, it turned out to look modern and stylish after the renovation. You’re very creative and detailed, most especially with that cabinet. Some furniture pieces more and it will look extra beautiful.

  4. Thank you for the shout out Crystal! Didn’t they do a good job on their home…it’s so creative!
    Keep up the good work…Your blog is our “Go To” place for all things Mobile & Manufactured Home. XO

    1. I love the “antiqued” kitchen cabinet doors…!!! May I ask how did you achieved that aged (dare I say distressed) look…??? I am redoing my manufactured home in the modern cottage and I was planning on painting my cabinets white to save time and money (plus my cabinets were built for my house)… I really like white cabinets but the get so dirty… But this would be perfect…!!!

      1. Thanks for your sweet comment. It took me 7 years to get brave enough to paint but I was tired of the “builder’s oak” and wanted something more my style. First we removed the doors and hardware and sanded both frames and doors. I will look up the paint color – it was a satin finish that we bought at Sherwin Williams – it was pricey but has held up well. We sprayed the doors and then rolled on 1 more coat. We did not spray the frames since they were still installed and chose to use a roller on them. I waited 24 hours before I worked with the glaze. Trust me …if you get too antsy you will end up pulling the paint off. Be patient and wait. I used Ralph Lauren Glaze -Tobacco was the color. I put it on fairly heavily and then wiped it off. Leave the glaze heavier where there are details. You can always put more on in layers until you get the look you want. I bought a similar door at the Habitat Store for a dollar and practiced on that. If your doors have raised panels you can take a small brush and add more glazing if you want a heavier look. The good news is that it is water soluble so if you put it on and don’t like you can just wet a cloth and wash it off and do it again!! I let everything dry for 3 or 4 days and then finished up with a good coat of Johnson’s clear paste wax. I can truly say that I have no regrets (other than the junk on the counter in my “before” picture). Let me know how it turns out. Good luck.