Creating storage in a mobile home is tough sometimes. With only 696 square feet of living space for 3 people, 2 dogs, and a cats storage has been a challenge to say the least. We found one solution to put an unused area in our dining room to work with a window seat bench. It may work well in your mobile home, too.


1978 Homette Single Wide Layout

Thankfully, our home has a great layout. It even has a walk-in pantry and a separate coat closet at the front door. It can easily become a modern, contemporary home with some time and money invested and we definitely plan to do just that. Here’s the basic layout of our 1978 Homette single wide:


Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - single wide layoutOur kitchen and dining room are on the right end of the home. Open floor plans were popular in the 1970′s, too!

We have moved the fish tank that was separating the dining room from the living room after I killed all the fish on accident. Also, there is a step up from the living room to the dining/kitchen that’s about 4 inches high. I love the platform kitchen but I can see that it will likely become an issue for us as we age. I guess we’ll worry about that when the time comes.

A more detailed graphic of our kitchen/dining room area is below. You can see there are two small walls that stand out about 2 feet on both sides of the dining room window. They kind of act as a separator for the dining area from the kitchen and living room. The purple blocks represent those walls and that’s where we built the storage bench.

Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - layout of kitchen and dining room

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Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat: Building the Bench 

Building a storage bench, or window seat, in a mobile home isn’t difficult. If you can frame out a box you can build a storage bench.

Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - building the frame of the window seatFirst, you need to determine the size you want your window seat storage bench and frame it out. We decided on 14” off-center, which means the framing, or the studs, set 14” apart from center line. We installed a ledger board to the mobile home’s exterior wall studs.


Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - window seat completed

We had this lumber left over from a previous project. It’s not grade A material but it will be painted and sealed so it should do fine.

Once the frame is built, you will need to figure out the hinged doors that open from the top. We made the top frame a little higher so the top would set evenly.


Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - lifting the seat up to access storage space
It took a couple of hours to build and about $50.00 in material. The only thing it needs now is the trim and paint. I’ll probably place a foam cushion over the bench when the budget allows.


Additional Storage Ideas for a Mobile Home

Creating storage in a mobile home can be challenging but a little creativity can help. Look for areas in your home that aren’t being utilized. Installing shelves above doors is a good example.

This photo shows a great use of space and is perfect for creating additional storage in mobile homes. Drawer tracks are not very expensive and you can build the drawers easily with a Kreig Jig, one of the most useful tools ever made. The jig allows you to create the right angle connections and joints for furniture, or any type of building. It’s a great tool for anyone that does do-it-yourself projects at home.


Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - example of storage in dining room seatThe cabinet and drawer concept below is a great idea that maximizes storage space in a mobile home. Turning the shelves like that really increases the storage.

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Use your Kitchen Cabinet Space Efficiently

One way to maximize space in the kitchen is to be sure you have the right size dishwasher for your needs.  A dishwasher that is too large can be replaced with a smaller one and storage space can be added in the unused space.  Contractor Culture has put together a great guide to help you decide what size dishwasher may meet your needs.

The storage bench below is a great addition to any home and would certainly increase storage in a mobile home, especially by the front or back door, or in a bedroom.


Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - creating window seat from bookcases


Storage for mobile homes can make your home work better for you and your family. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Walk around the house and look at the areas you don’t use often. Think about what could be done to improve the space, and you’re bound to come up with some great ideas! Shelving, baskets, boxes, adding wheels or modifying an existing piece of furniture just a bit can make a big difference. Bedrooms are a great place to look for extra space.  Contractor Culture has a great article about the cost of remodeling your bedroom which could add more storage space.

A smart tip from the professionals is to always by furniture that is multi-functional or can be used in different ways. An ottoman that doubles as storage, for instance, is one of the best furniture purchases I’ve ever made. We use it for everything. They even make sofas with storage bins under them!

Have you built in a storage solution for your home? We would love to hear about it or see it! Share it with us in the comments.
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