Creating Storage in a Mobile Home with a Window Seat - single wide layout

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  1. I hung “Command” hooks on the back of the medicine cabinet doors for all the keys we were forever misplacing. Works great!

    An upcoming projects building a n elevated base for the washer and dryer so we can store shoes and boots on trays that slide underneath quite easily.

    We added hooks in the bathroom for additional cost storage. My favorite hook is an antique reproduction hook with five movable arms.

    I have several antique crocks that we use for storing potatoes, onions, bird seed, and pet food.

    We have a broom closet in the kitchen. I installed an LED light on the underside of the shelf to make it easier to find what we need.

  2. Where can I find plans to make the table and bench seating with the drawers? This is perfect for what I am looking for!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Chelle!

      That is a great way to add storage to your dining area! I wish we would’ve seen it before we built ours. I searched around a bit and found these plans. They may help you a bit. I would think a basic bench would be built and then you would just add drawer hardware on the interior so you could slide the drawer out and then use a piano hinge for the door. Check these out and they may help you visualize your own plan:

      Good luck! When you get it finished please share it with us please!

  3. Love the site! We just bought a home and it has the vinyl looking wallpaper and the strips between seams in other rooms. Have you painted over this and if so how?
    When you remove the strips I am thinking of using a patch and than painting top and cottage strips below but wider. Any suggestions would be helpful!!!!

    1. Hi Renee! Thank you!

      We’ve all dealt with the walls!! They aren’t as bad these days, especially with new products available. I’ve got an entire article all about those walls that should answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Just click the link —->

      If you have any other questions just let me know – always happy to help! Oh, and congratulations on your new home!