The Starfish Park Model Single Wide

Home like this Park model single wide are some of my favorite manufactured homes. Their layouts are usually excellent. The designers think of proper solutions for everyday issues that arise in small homes. Maximizing the space and manipulating the layout so that the home flows well is always a high priority. This home is a perfect example.

I recently stumbled upon The Starfish by the Lee Corporation. At 37′ long by 13’4″ wide they are packed with storage space and excellent design. All 495 square feet of this home is beautiful!

park model single wide

park model single wide

park model single wide

park model single wide

park model single wide

This park model single wide home really sets itself apart with the bright white kitchen and ample windows. I love the layout because it’s simple and it is a place I could easily live in.

park model single wide

What are some of the features you look for in a home? Is there one feature that makes or breaks the home for you?

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