Patriotic Decor Ideas for Manufactured Homes

Beautiful Patriotic Manufactured Home

I’ve been holding on to this patriotic manufactured home for a couple of months and it’s been killing me! I knew it would be better to save for the 4th so I patiently waited. 

I’m so excited to share this home! This double wide exterior is perfectly patriotic but the kitchen is just as awesome. 

The right front porch on a mobile or manufactured home can make a huge difference in curb appeal. It’s one of the quickest ways to make a factory-built home look more like a site-built home. Unfortunately, a new covered porch with added details like the window and the shake siding isn’t cheap but it sure is beautiful!

If you have the budget or can add a few unique details like the shake siding on the gable or the window. and a truly unique kitchen. I’ve also gathered a few affordable patriotic decor ideas that you can use to decorate your own manufactured home.  


Beautiful Exterior On Mobile Home Richie Maureen Wright‎ Jpg
Beautiful Exterior July 4th American Theme Richie Maureen Wright‎ Jpg
Beautiful Mobile Home Exterior Americana Richie Maureen Wright‎ Jpg

Richie Maureen Wright decorates her manufactured home beautifully for every holiday but the colors of her home paired with red, white, and blue of the patriotic decor really pairs well. 


4thg Of July Decor On Manufactured Home Jpg
Patriotic Front Porch On Manufactured Home Jpg
Beautiful Mobile Home Exterior By Richie Maureen Wright‎ 2 Jpg
Beautiful Mobile Home Erxterior Matching Shed Richie Maureen Wright‎ Jpg
Beauitful Mobile Home Exterior Closeup Richie Maureen Wright‎ Jpg

The Kitchen

You’ve seen the exterior, but the interior is just as spectacular!

White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 5 Png

You could call this style romantic farmhouse or perhaps antique farmhouse or just absolutely gorgeous. 

Someone asked Maureen if her beautiful kitchen was hard to keep clean. Both she and I think white kitchens are easier to keep clean than dark colors.

I painted the bottom cabinets in our house a black thinking they would be easier to keep clean (or look clean). Boy, was I wrong! Yes, white is hard to keep clean but black seems to show everything even worse. 

White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 2 Png

There are so many little details that I keep finding in the photos. The back walls are covered in ornate textured paper and the columns are so regal and stately. 


White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 4 Png
White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 1 Png
White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 8 Png

The antique stove and pie safe are precious American relics. 

White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 7 Png
White Kitchen Primitive Richie Maureen Wright‎ F B G 3 Png

PS She's Updated this Kitchen

This home is so gorgeous and inspiring but believe it or not, Richie Maureen has completed changed the look of her kitchen. She’s went with a more modern farmhouse look. I’ll try to talk her into sharing it with us when she is finished!

Patriotic Decor for 4th of July

In celebration of the 4th of July and Mrs. Wright beautiful decorations I wanted to share some affordable patriotic decor ideas. 

You can find the links to all the instructions of the craft under the image. 

Ribbon and Lace Flag

Lace American Flag Craftiments Com Jpg

This is a cute craft and the kids could help a bit. You can find the instructions here

Patriotic Ombre Wreath

July 4th Ombre Wreath Made Of Cloth Tellloveandparty Com Jpg

This is cute wreath with the popular ombre look. It’s another patriotic decoration that you can let the kids enjoy. Get the instructions here. 

Paper Straw Wreath

Paper Straw Wreath For 4th Of July Patriotic Decor Png

This cool wreath could be done in any color. All it takes is a cardboard ring with the straws glued in varying lengths. You can find the instructions here. 

You can buy this star shaped wreath at Pier 1 for $25 (affiliate link). 

Patriotic Star Wood Curl Wreath. $24.99 at Pier 1

Patriotic Paper Chains

Patriotic Decor Ideas For Your Home 00004 Png

We use to make paper chains for my grandmother’s Christmas tree almost every year. I still cherish those memories. You can find directions here if you need them. PS I like the idea of putting them between the porch railing. 

Candy Pop-Rockets

Screen Shot 2019 06 29 At 9 47 39 P M Png

I think this would be such a fun little craft for anyone. All it takes is candy! You can get the instructions here. 

Free Patriotic Printables

Finally, I wanted to share a few free patriotic printables I found. You could print these out, frame them, and create some gorgeous walls and mantles. 

Affordable Patriotic Decorations For Your Home Free Printables 00001 Png
Affordable Patriotic Decorations For Your Home Free Printables 00002 Png

Free Vintage Patriotic Printables

Affordable Patriotic Decorations For Your Home Free Printables 00004 Png
Affordable Patriotic Decorations For Your Home Free Printables 00005 Png

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all have a great 4th of July! I appreciate you reading Mobile Home Living! 

Beautiful Patriotic Manufactured Home
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6 thoughts on “Patriotic Decor Ideas for Manufactured Homes”

  1. I love her sense of style. She has an amazing ability to repurpose and pull together vintage items to create a gorgeous and inviting home. Wonderful to see her talents featured here.

  2. I so look forward to Mobile Home Living in my email box. Love the ideas & all the great information.
    Dee Lowe
    Las Vegas, Nv.

  3. Love the patriotic decor–very affordable even on a tight budget.

    Also, I love Maureen’s kitchen–if people would only realize how budget friendly the “unfitted kitchen” can be–and is much more interesting and creative than getting cabinets from a “big box” store. I see so many armoires, china cabinets and buffets/dressers at Habitat, thrift stores, etc for a fraction of the cost of pre-fab cabinets.

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