Country Decor In A Manufactured Home 6

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  1. I absolutely love the primitive look. I have allot of great ideas that I will be doing to my home, which is also a double wide.
    Now on to shopping :)

  2. Hi There,
    Do you have gingham fabric, or know where I could buy it. I want the kind…… Primitive, that you have in the decorating pages. I would really appreciate, any help you could give me.

    1. Hi Shirley,

      I went on a sewing frenzy a few winters back and the only place I could find gingham was online. Click here and you will find a few places but the cost is a bit more than I could afford so I never did order any. Best of luck!

  3. I love what they have done with this home. We’re looking to do something similar. I need to know where to get that honey mustard wall paint. I love it!

  4. These are great but I wish you could see mine hand plastered walls, log accent’s, metal roof shower, stone sinks and llog porch. We are not done yet. Thanks for more inspiration.

    1. Hi Donna!

      I am always looking for great homes to feature! It doesn’t have to be the whole home, just a room or a single project would be a great addition. There just sin’t enough mobile home inspiration available online.

      Please keep me in mind and if you would consider letting me add your home to the site just email me at

      Thanks so much! I appreciate you!

  5. I would love to live here all by myself without a husband to junk it up. I am older now and love a nice clean comfy home. I believe we women can be just as happy all by ourselves!

    1. hey Brenda im not much into replies but when I read yours I have to say you took the words right outta my mouth lol have a great week

  6. I love her home. It’s so pretty and homey. :) Her mud room/ laundry area is so cheerful. It would be a nice place to do laundry.

  7. The homeowner has done a wonderful job decorating in the primitive style. It’s such a warm and welcoming home and I love all the woodwork in the crown mouldings and wainscotting. And that bathroom is huge!

    Have a great week!