Primitive Country Manufactured Home Decorating

Manufactured Home Decorating in a Country-Primitive Style

I’m excited to get to feature this beautiful manufactured home today!

The owners, Rachael and Bradford Boyer, was kind enough to share their gorgeous manufactured home decorating and answer a few questions as well. Their home is 2012 Fleetwood Coronado 28 by 60.

Rachael mentions that the house is deceiving because on the outside it looks small but once you walk in you’re amazed at all the room inside. Even the contractor installing the house together said he was impressed with the space on the inside and that he had never seen a house with such an open floor plan.

Manufactured home decorating is such a rare topic to find online. Oftentimes, we only get to see new homes while their still sitting on the dealers lot with sparse furnishings and a couple of prints on the wall so when an actual home that has been decorated so beautifully comes along I think its a treat for all of us so sit back and enjoy this beautiful home tour!

This home displays Rachael’s talent well, not all of us have the gift of styling a home and the ability to make a house look so welcoming and beautiful.

Country Kitchen 

Let’s start in the kitchen. The neutral walls with wide architectural trim allows the decor, appliances and furnishings to take center stage. There’s no vinyl coated walls or patterns in this home! Spacious and open, this kitchen has all the modern amenities anyone could need.

The wall color, honey mustard as it’s called,  was picked out when the home was ordered. Being able to order a home exactly how you want it is one of the best things about buying a manufactured home. You can have anything you want modified or added!

The attached dinning room is a perfect layout for family dinners and large holiday feasts. Farmhouse seating and a primitive candle chandelier topped with red adds color and function. The flooring is a low maintenance vinyl that blends well with the color in the room. It’s not overpowering and allows the oak cabinets to be the center of attention.


manufactured home decorating - kitchen

manufactured home decorating - kitchen


The oven has a glass tiled back splash that was also added when the Boyer’s ordered the home. 

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manufactured home decorating - kitchen


The door beside the stove leads to the laundry area. This home has a very convenient layout with ample room. Most manufactured homes will have the kitchen, laundry area and master bedroom within the same area of the home to allow for more efficiency for the water heater and pressure. This layout is superb as if allows that efficiency but keeps the areas separated. The door was added by the Boyer’s a few months ago and has been a great way to dampen the laundry activities from the main living areas. Smart and beautiful!

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Laundry Room Goes Primitive

manufactured home decorating - laundry room


Here you can see the layout of the laundry room a bit better. The back door is directly behind the photographer. This layout is optimal for living on a farm and with the Boyers’ #? of acres, they use the mud room to keep the mud and hay out of the home.


manufactured home decorating - laundry room


Beautiful Primitive Living Rooms 

This home is spacious and has both a living room and family room. The ample space gives Rachael plenty of room for manufactured home decorating and she does a superb job of it.


country decor in a manufactured home 9

manufactured home decorating - living room

manufactured home decorating - living room

Built-ins are a great feature for any home. The neutral tan wall color is used throughout the home which makes a great canvas for whatever decor you desire. This home also has the TV on a power lift and with a push of a button can be hidden behind the gas fireplace! All of these are great manufactured home decorating ideas.

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manufactured home decorating - living room

Notice the chair railing?

Chair rails are a great way to break up a wall and adds extra dimension and texture in a room. Manufactured home decorating is much easier if you use well known tricks like this to help you achieve the look you’re going for. Rachael used another trick that interior designers often use: adding a chair rail to only one room in order to differentiate rooms that may be similar in function, size or shape.

manufactured home decorating - living room

This home is gorgeous and the wide trim as well as the paneled doors are great features. This room is perfectly decorated and tasteful.

manufactured home decorating - family room


The living room is a perfect example of manufactured home decorating using the primitive-country style. An accent wall in a darker brown carries the eye to the featured wall easily.


manufactured home decorating - family room


manufactured home decorating - family room

This home is gorgeous; I don’t really need to say too much about it at all. You can see for yourself all the beautiful features and the talent that Rachael has when it comes to decorating a manufactured home. She can come work her magic at my house any time she wants!

Country Style Bathroom

Even the spacious bathroom has the country motif!

manufactured home decorating - bathroom

manufactured home decorating - bathroom


The exterior of this double wide is just as great! Manufactured home decorating should extend to the outdoors whenever possible – it provides a cohesive look and adds great curb appeal.

manufactured home decorating

Homeowner’s Interview

What is your favorite thing about the home?

Everything…but I have to say the homey feeling and it’s openness would be my top 2 favorite things


How did you choose the right home? Did you have to choose between 2 favorites or did you know this was the one for you immediately?

My husband and I looked for about 3 years until we found this one I knew what I wanted and I looked for 2 things when we was on the search a big kitchen to cook in and move around in with lots of cabinets and 2 living-rooms.

I knew the moment I walked in the floor model. This house was everything I wanted and I stood in the kitchen for a long time just picturing in my head how the house would be decorated and I moved in the kitchen as if I was cooking and it fit me….. I remember walking back in the office at the lot and the receptionist asked “did you find one you like” and with a big smile on my face I said “Yes” and I pointed at the floor model and her response was “Really? that one” with a dumb founded look on her face and I asked “Yes, why” she replied “That is the smallest one on the lot and the least priced one” I said “Even better”…lol.. I will never forget that conversation cus I knew this was my dream home and sometimes the best things come in small packages.


In your opinion, what is the benefits of a manufactured home?

There is so many benefits to a manufactured home: 1. you can design it however you want 2. They are more affordable. 3. There are so many floor plans to choose from.


As you can clearly see, this home is a perfect example of manufactured home decorating at it’s finest. The country style is well loved for it’s comfort and ability to take you back in time even while sitting in front of a flat screen TV.  Thank you Rachael for sharing your home with us. It’s gorgeous!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile & Manufactured Home Living!

  1. Kathy says

    Had to chuckle about the no husband comments….lol

  2. Chad says

    I love what they have done with this home. We’re looking to do something similar. I need to know where to get that honey mustard wall paint. I love it!

  3. Donna says

    These are great but I wish you could see mine hand plastered walls, log accent’s, metal roof shower, stone sinks and llog porch. We are not done yet. Thanks for more inspiration.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Donna!

      I am always looking for great homes to feature! It doesn’t have to be the whole home, just a room or a single project would be a great addition. There just sin’t enough mobile home inspiration available online.

      Please keep me in mind and if you would consider letting me add your home to the site just email me at

      Thanks so much! I appreciate you!

  4. Theresa says

    Absolutely love her home. So cozy and warm looking.

  5. Saito says

    Wow! I can’t help enjoying this site, it’s perfectly one of its own. The home photos whah!, …and the posts are so exiting!

  6. brenda elkins says

    I would love to live here all by myself without a husband to junk it up. I am older now and love a nice clean comfy home. I believe we women can be just as happy all by ourselves!

    1. elizabeth says

      hey Brenda im not much into replies but when I read yours I have to say you took the words right outta my mouth lol have a great week

  7. Natalie Diaz says

    This article is a savior for me. I liked the way you have made me acquainted with decoration stuff. I loved the images above. Thanks a lot for such a nice stuff.

  8. Corrine says

    I love her home. It’s so pretty and homey. :) Her mud room/ laundry area is so cheerful. It would be a nice place to do laundry.

  9. Shirlee says

    The homeowner has done a wonderful job decorating in the primitive style. It’s such a warm and welcoming home and I love all the woodwork in the crown mouldings and wainscotting. And that bathroom is huge!

    Have a great week!

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