This rustic cabin mobile home kitchen makeover has left me speechless!

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This amazing makeover comes from the popular Country Woman Magazine. I’m probably as country as it gets so, of course, I’m a big fan and visit their site often but I never thought they would ever feature a mobile home remodel as gorgeous as this.

A Cloudy, Oklahoma couple transformed their older mobile home into a true rustic cabin. The heart and soul of the home received the most dramatic change and this mobile home kitchen makeover is amazing:




The Juicy Details 

The owners have lived in their home for more than 25 years and during those years they expanded and remodeled it whenever possible. Patience and dedication ultimately transformed a once humble mobile home into an amazing log-cabin that was beautiful enough to be featured in a popular lifestyle magazine!

Here’s their interview with Country Woman Magazine:

Our log-sided home actually began as a humble mobile home that we’ve expanded and improved on over the last 25 years. The kitchen I cooked in while raising our three kids was little-bitty! I only had three drawers! Still, we made room for the friends the kids were always bringing home.

Our kitchen is where everyone congregates. I want everyone to feel comfortable, and so a few years ago I was ready to remodel. Some folks plan a remodel for years. Not us!

Fortunately, Brad’s a trim carpenter and cabinetmaker with plenty of kitchen experience. After gutting our kitchen, he turned to me and asked, “Now, what do you want in here?”

That afternoon, I hurriedly paged through magazines to pick out features – like roll-out storage for my huge flour bin, a phone hutch, a pantry, and lazy Susan cabinets.

Brad eyed my list and said, “Woman, I just don’t know how I’m going to get all that in here!”

But he did all that and more! I’d been dead-set against losing floor space to an island. Brad was adamant that I’d love one as a baking center, even offering to take it out in a month if I didn’t like it. And now I’m really happy he talked me into it!


Down-home-on-the-range-stove in cabin kitchen_c


Down-home-on-the-range-cabin kitchen makeover_c

The interview continues:

Our picture window was spur-of-the-moment, too. Light was pouring through a huge hole in the back wall the day Brad was replacing the two small windows; I asked if we could have a large one instead. It gives a wonderful view of our yard and flower beds, plus the mountains beyond.


Down-home-on-the-range-cabinet storage in cabin style kitchen makeover_c

Down-home-on-the-range-cabin kitchen cabinet organization_c


Brad was less enthusiastic at first about an aged tin ceiling which came from a 70-year-old barn nearby. But with the rough-cut rafters it offers a rustic feel that contrasts with the modern knotty pine and cedar cabinetry he crafted.

A tile mural behind the range adds to the cowboy feel.


Down-home-on-the-range-corner drawer in cabin kitchen_c


My tile floor is dirt-brown for a reason. There’s so much dirt out here that I just took a few sample tiles outside, poured dirt over them, and picked the closest match.


Down-home-on-the-range-dining room_c

There’s not much more to add, huh?

This is an amazing, one-of-a-kind home that speaks for itself.

Seeing how others were able to achieve such a goal inspires me so much! The only thing I can think to add is that I really wish we could see the rest of their home!

All images and interview are property of Country Woman Magazine. 

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