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Sheet Metal Single Wide Remodel

In the mountains of British Columbia, Canada sits a single wide mobile home that has been remodeled using an increasingly popular material for home design and decor, sheet metal. This sheet metal single wide mobile home remodel is so unique and innovative.

Gina, the owner of this beautiful single wide, has a great blog called Cowgirltales, where she journals her life, extensive travels, and home remodeling details. You’ll definitely want to check it out and bookmark it!

The Great Sheet Metal Single Wide Mobile Home Remodel Begins

Here’s the home the day Gina bought it:

single wide exterior

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The deck is perfect for taking advantage of the amazing views:


Gina designed the remodel to have a modern, contemporary style.

Galvanized sheet metal and aluminum are perfect materials for the sleek, industrial designs that are so fashionable today. It’s the stainless steel look without the stainless steel price and is easier to care for, too. Sheet metal comes in several designs and rust resistant.

This Single Wide Kitchen Remodel is a Knockout!

Gina used sheet metal throughout the kitchen and bathroom. She purchased metal garage cabinets from a local hardware store with the diamond plate design on the doors, then continued the look with a wavy sheet metal design as the end cap to the island as well as the backsplash.

Bright white and basic black is the backdrop along with black and white checkered vinyl tiles used as accents. A nice grey speckled counter top finishes the look.


Small touches such as the barn light that hangs over the new kitchen window and the stainless steel outlet cover all make for a polished end look.


Gina states she has a few small finishing touches to complete but all in all this kitchen is a perfect example of the vast materials that you can use to remodel and update any home. Low cost doesn’t have to look low cost!


Radiator valves are the best option when you are remodeling your kitchen replace your current valve with manual radiator valves. 


Here you can see new flooring was installed. You can also see that the kitchen is utilized for laundry which is a smart place to put it when your home isn’t very large. Convenience is key in smaller homes.


If you go to and search for sheet metal you’ll see how popular the material is for home design and Gina’s single wide remodel is a perfect example of using it in mobile homes. Since sheet metal is water and rust proof it is also a great material to use in bathrooms.

Single Wide Bathroom Remodel

This single wide had never been updated and the bathroom showed it’s age but as soon as Gina moved into the home she remodeled the entire room with sheet metal. Here’s the bathroom before:


The room was completely gutted and a new cabinet, sink, and shower were installed. Here’s the bathroom during the remodel:


Having the sink at a more comfortable height was important to Gina and she was able to get the preferred height by building a sink riser on top of the counter.


The completed sink area is great! Tile paneling is used on the wall, the cabinets were painted black and sheet metal was installed at the end.


A tiled shower floor replaces the original green tub. For the side walls, she used sheet metal.


Here you can see that colored glass blocks were installed above the shower to allow a bit of light through and adds great color to the room.

single wide shower remodel

With proper trimming, you can use sheet metal anywhere. It’s naturally waterproof, all you have to do is make sure the ends are properly trimmed and caulked to keep water from going behind the metal.

2nd Bedroom/Office Update

The entire home has received modern touches and updates, including the small bedroom that’s now used as an office. Below is the hallway leading to the office.


The office is a colorful, jewel-toned room. Gina had additional colored glass blocks installed in the wall.


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom also received an update. The walls were painted in a clean white and the flooring and windows were replaced.


Mud Room

A small mudroom addition was built onto the home.  Mud rooms are very smart additions for any home but especially smaller mobile homes in locations with wet winters. A place to store the coats and boots is absolutely needed. Here’s Gina’s great mud room:


Gina is certainly living the good life in her single wide!

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Sheet Metal Single Wide Mobile Home Exterior

The home’s siding also received an update using galvanized sheet metal. Sheet metal is the perfect material for siding a mobile home.

end of a mobile home with sheet metal siding

Landscaping Transformation Complete the Sheet Metal Single Wide Mobile Home Remodel

Gina’s sheet metal single wide mobile home remodel wasn’t only on the inside. Practically the entire property received some kind of update or transformation.

Here, a stone walkway was placed leading from the parking area to the door:


Here’s the extra shed with gorgeous cedar plank siding:

cedar siding on shed

This is one amazing mobile home and I’m honored to get to feature it today. I love when homeowners prove that your style choices isn’t limited to the decor aisle at your home improvement store. Go a couple of isles over to the building materials section and see what you can find. You might be amazed at the lower cost and overall look you can achieve.


The summer view from Gina’s single wide 

Don’t forget to visit Gina’s blog, Cowgirltales! There are more photos and information about this sheet metal single wide mobile home remode and I’m sure the future will bring many more.

Thank you, Gina, for sharing your unique and gorgeous single wide remodel with us. I’m green with envy and hope to be adding some sheet metal to my own home soon. You and your home are a great inspiration.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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