Modern Farmhouse Manufactured Home Decor

The White Flower, on eastern Long Island. This home could be described as a combination of simple, modern country with an industrial feel. All of it is inspiring and a perfect source of Modern Farmhouse Manufactured Home Decor ideas.

Manufactured home decorating ideas - exterior Manufactured home decorating ideas - living room
Industrial decor in a mobile home
Molding, both base, and crown on each wall were installed in every room. While this is an above average expense, it is well worth it. The addition of molding seems to be the one trick used in every great redesign. Related: 5 Creative Remodeling Ideas For Your Mobile Home. The designer states that nothing in the home cost over $500 and the furniture was second hand or outlet store finds.
Bathroom decor ideas
Manufactured home bedroom decor ideas
Manufactured home office decor ideas

More Great Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas

Beadboard, as a cost-effective wall material and texture, was used in several rooms. Simple Berber carpet from Home Depot lends its warmth. With soft colors used throughout except one dramatic red room, above, the designer set the stage. She also brought in one of a kind impact pieces in both an industrial and country style. The national retail store light fixtures seem to steal the show in every room. Bringing forth another great design tip, lighting can make or break a room. It also doesn’t have to be overly expensive to work.
Manufactured home bathroom decor ideas
Manufactured home decor
Manufactured home kitchen ideas
Manufactured home dining room ideas
Manufactured home decor
Manufactured home bathroom decor ideas
Manufactured home sliding door
Manufactured home decor
Manufactured home decor
Manufactured home living room decor
This home is a beautiful example of simplicity and a great way to get manufactured home decorating ideas.

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All photos property of Frugal Farmhouse Designs. The blogger also has a great online store beautiful products for your home called Whiteflower Farmhouse. Definitely check it out!

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  1. Betsy says

    Need help with storage in double wide. Downsizing from large home. Can you offer help?

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Betsy!

      There’s so many great ideas you can utilize to create customizable and stylish storage in your new double wide. Here’s a few articles that may help:

      I’ll add the topic to my “need to write more about” list and try to get you some more great ideas soon. Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  2. Hunter Hampton says

    I’d love to….. I’ll take before and after photos……

  3. Hunter Hampton says

    Let me start by saying thanks to your website I’ve taken the plunge and just bought a doublewide in Florida. So, thank you for all the inspiration. The previous owner is a sweet older lady, heck I am too, but we have very different design ideas, hers is doilies and frilly curtains and wallpaper borders, mine is more modern, primitive, leather, Navajo rugs and mid century. I know, that sounds crazy and I was trying to imagine modern and primitive together when I found this house. Oh boy…. I love it. I can’t wait to close on my new house and get going. I only have a few pieces of furniture because I’ve been traveling, and living in, an Airstream trailer for 15 years. Now I can’t wait to get started, your website is a great inspiration!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Hunter!! So glad you like MMHL! I can absolutely vision modern, primitive, leather, Navajo and mid century – doesn’t sound crazy at all. At least you’ve pin-pointed your style to those specifics, I just say my style is ‘Pinterest” cause everything I see there I like…lol

      You’re gonna have so much fun making your house a home! I hope you’ll remember MMHL and let us feature it after you’ve got it all together. Good luck!


  4. JoAnne says

    This has to be my favorite , planning to use some of these ideas in my single wide..