Modern Farmhouse Exterior

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  1. Let me start by saying thanks to your website I’ve taken the plunge and just bought a doublewide in Florida. So, thank you for all the inspiration. The previous owner is a sweet older lady, heck I am too, but we have very different design ideas, hers is doilies and frilly curtains and wallpaper borders, mine is more modern, primitive, leather, Navajo rugs and mid century. I know, that sounds crazy and I was trying to imagine modern and primitive together when I found this house. Oh boy…. I love it. I can’t wait to close on my new house and get going. I only have a few pieces of furniture because I’ve been traveling, and living in, an Airstream trailer for 15 years. Now I can’t wait to get started, your website is a great inspiration!

    1. Hi Hunter!! So glad you like MMHL! I can absolutely vision modern, primitive, leather, Navajo and mid century – doesn’t sound crazy at all. At least you’ve pin-pointed your style to those specifics, I just say my style is ‘Pinterest” cause everything I see there I like…lol

      You’re gonna have so much fun making your house a home! I hope you’ll remember MMHL and let us feature it after you’ve got it all together. Good luck!