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5 Creative Remodeling Ideas For Your Mobile Home

These creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home prove you don’t have to spend a small fortune to make your home fabulous. Projects that only cost a few dollars or only take a few hours to do make a big difference. You don’t have to spend a lot for a beautiful home and these projects prove it.

Creative Trim

Trim is more powerful than you think. It completes the space like a cherry completes a fudge sundae. Use it to accent doors, windows, and even the breakfast bar or cabinetry.

Look what a few small pieces of wood can do to an interior door:

creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -door trim
Add trim to a door for a complete makeover.

Trim is needed on the exterior, too. The right trim can make a window or door appear larger and more expensive. It can create cohesiveness and make the home look more put together for lack of a better word.

creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -exterior trim
Dress up those windows.

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Arches and molding can create a wow factor!

creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -breakfast bar trim
What do you think of this look?

Creative Storage Options

Through the years we have done many articles about ways to create more storage in our mobile home. One of our favorite tips is adding a window seat. This adds extra seating in a small mobile home and a place to store items that aren’t needed every day.

Don’t forget, a window seat doesn’t necessarily have to be under a window, any unused space can be used! Another one of our favorites, installing shelves in otherwise unused space. Perhaps a corner or over the washer and dryer.

creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -creative storage window seat
Extra seating and storage make this a great DIY project.
creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -laundry shelves
Shelves over the washer and dryer for those laundry baskets.

Creative Backsplashes

A remodeling project should always add value to you or your home. It should make your chores easier or add beauty to your space. It should add a sense of pride, too, especially if it’s a DIY project.

Updating your backsplash is a great project that can help make cleaning up your kitchen easier, add beauty, and is a fairly easy DIY project. Check out our easy DIY backsplash project for inspiration.

This tile backsplash is a great addition to the kitchen:

creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -backsplash
Backsplashes make a statement at a fair price.

Creative Decks and Porches

A new deck is one of the best creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home. Even a small deck can completely change the entire look of your home. It doesn’t have to be a total build, maybe something as simple as adding a roof to your current porch or expanding the current porch to a wraparound (which we love!)

creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -porch
Adding some extra area to your porch can add entertaining space.

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Creative Cabinets

Do you have a favorite collection of Grandma’s china that you would love to display? Or perhaps you just want to open up those kitchen cabinets for a rustic look.  Maybe they just need an update with a fresh coat of paint. Removing the doors to an upper cabinet can give your kitchen new life.

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creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -open cabinets
Put those collectibles on display.
creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home -chicken wire cabinets
Love this rustic look.

Creative Remodeling Ideas for your Mobile Home Make a Big Impact at a Small Cost

Creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home doesn’t always mean costly month-long projects. A small project that only takes a couple of hours or a weekend can change your home more than a complete gut.

You don’t have to tear out a room to the bare walls and start over, it can be as simple as adding some trim on a door or updating your kitchen cabinets.

We would love to see your creative remodeling ideas for your mobile home and share them with our readers. Feel free to comment below or send us an email! Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

Kim Alley
Kim Alley has been a part of Mobile Home Living since 2017 and has written over 300 articles for the site.



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