Ladies In Front Of Vintage Camper

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  1. Thank you so much for this uplifting article about mobile home owners. I have often felt “less than” because of where I live but your article has shown me that I can be proud! We were among the many who lost everything during the financial crisis back in 2011-12 but we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase a mobile home after losing our big house. In so many ways it has become a real blessing in disguise – no more stairs, loads less housework, way fewer expenses, etc., etc. I am truly happy that we ended up here and now I don’t feel so bad!!!

    1. Mobile homes are definitely a blessing!So glad that you were able to find one you love and make it your own!

  2. I grew up in several mobile home parks in the 1950’s as my father worked for a contract company. We were always looked down on by the locals as my father pulled the trailer with a truck, but you know what would go back to that time in a heart beat. I completely agree the people who live in mobile home parks are among the most interesting people you will ever meet.

  3. My experience with trailers and parks goes back to about 1959. Your article clarified many of the things that I’ve felt and observed.

    Thank you for speaking up for us.

  4. Amen to that! I love this website! A proud debt-free 1975 single wide mobile home owner on acreage, and among the rich and famous for the past twenty-five years has been interesting. Sometimes I want to give up, but this website and the articles are very encouraging, empowering, informative, fun to read, and keep me keeping on. Thank you!

    1. Oh, Darlene,

      Your comment has made my day! I get mad at myself for not being a very good writer or knowing how to do all the computer stuff but reading comments like yours makes me realize that it’s all OK. Thank you so much! I bet your home is gorgeous!

  5. Very well put my friend (cousin, maybe)! Since I’ve been following you, you’ve come so far! The website looks better than ever! As with any of us, I know you’ve had your ups and downs. I know you questioned yourself over and over. But you keep on going. You do it every month, without fail. You keep us informed. You show us things we wouldnt be able to see anywhere else. You make all of us mobile home owners feel like we are just as good as anyone else! Be proud Crystal, you’re doing a wonderful job!

  6. Crystal well written, I do so much enjoy your web site and have gotten many nice ideas to improve my home. I can wait to retire to my water front mobile home in the coming years and the best part it’s all paid off.