The 3 Levels of Manufactured Homes Quality and Price

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  1. you failed to mention aprox cost of the high end home. are double wides twice the cost? we will be retiring to fl. i figure mid level would be good. right or wrong?also your cost estimates are for the 900 sq ft or the 1800 sq ft. thank you.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      It’s very difficult to price manufactured homes (other than an average price per square foot) because there are so many variables: size, materials, amenities, upgrades, location, setup, and delivery, etc. You can start with a $50,000 model and by the time you add taxes, fees, transport, setup, etc it’s going to end up costing $70,000. I’ve been noticing a lot of the lower mid-grade models going for $79,995 lately if that helps any.

      Best of luck of finding your next home!