1978 Mobile Home Remodel 1

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  1. Homette Model 61 1978
    Slider for a drawer in kitchen broke. Any idea where I can get a replacement?

    1. I did a search using what you sent and several different sliders pulled up. I saw some on Amazon, you would just need to look to see if they are correct for your drawers.

  2. I was wondering is there a kit to build a screen in to my mobile home..I wondered also if anyone had an idea of what the cost would be.

    1. Hi Cee,

      There are kits but unfortunately, I don’t know how to go about finding them. I’ve seen them somewhere but can’t remember where (Costco maybe?). Maybe call your local Lowe’s or Home Depot and see if they have them.

  3. We own a Homette manufactured home that was built in the early 70’s and have no original info or paperwork. We are having electrical problems in 3 of the rooms. The electrician is trying to find the junction box but so far no luck. Wondering if perhaps you might have some thoughts as to where it would be located. It is a single wide home. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Kay,

      I’m a big fan of Homettes. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about wiring. When we bought 1978 Homette it had already been rewired. If your home was built before 1972/3 it may still have the aluminum wiring and that needs to be replaced completely so the old wiring would be disconnected and new wiring ran. Ours had a new breaker box with wiring going under the home and then up behind the interior walls to the switches and light fixtures. I’ve seen some mobile homes just have wiring ran outside the walls and ceilings with a cover over it – it’s barely noticeable and much cheaper in the long run.

      Apologies. Best of luck!

  4. I have learned a lot about mobile homes since moving into mine 10 years ago. I have learned that you can do just about anything to a mobile home that you can do to a stick built home as long as you make sure that you also reinforce the underneath to sustain the extra weight that you are adding inside. I didn't have a large amount of money to do a full remodel either but I found a company here in CA that specializes in Mobile and Manufactured homes and I had some cabinets just moved around in my kitchen added a dishwasher, cut the wall between the living room and kitchen and have now doubled the size of my kitchen for a reasonable amount of money……

  5. you can also try looking at your Title paper work from when you purchased the home it should state the make, model and year it was built.

  6. Great to hear from you Carla!
    It is a great feeling to plant your roots and the fact that it is
    permanently attached to the land gives you a great resale potential
    (if you ever do decide to sale). I am always looking for pretty homes
    to feature so please send me some photos. I always liked the 80's
    mobile homes, they had great room layouts. Thanks so much for reading
    and commenting!

  7. Ours is an 1980 Skyline. I know because we bought it new. We've moved it 5 times and when we bought our land 10 years ago, my husband sold the axles and said 'this is it. We don't move it again.'

    Great post. Very encouraging!

  8. Wow! Inspiring! I am still in the process of trying to convince my hubby that living in a mobile home is not a bad idea. We're older, closer to retirement than not, and I really don't *want* a mortgage on a $100,000+ home that we would probably die before being able to pay off. I'd rather live simply and have extra money to spend on things like, oh, I dunno – visiting the kids and eventual grandkids? I am so excited to have found this blog, I think it may be just the thing to help me sway him!

  9. There is certainly some hard work and lot's of talent in this remodel. Kathy turned coal into a diamond in less than 14 weeks..lol. The money situation is our problem too. If I had the money to really do what I wanted, I would be living in a mobile home that looks EXACTLY like this one! For now, I'll do one project at a time but that doesn't get to much done..dang economy!

  10. That sure looks nice. Hard to believe it's that old. The one I own (and can't afford to do anything about) is from somewhere in the 1980's and it's a mess. I bought it for the son to live in, but he can't afford enough rent to do more than pay the bills. Nevertheless, I'm interested in what could be done.

  11. Hey Candy, I had been looking for the manufacturer for 16 months!! Just stumbled upon the blog and viola I saw my home (but much much nicer). Kathy is a great person too (just like you!) I think you to would hit it off..leave her a comment and she'll reply, That's how I got a hold of her…I need to pick your brain about Claytons (or have you write something again :-)))))

  12. WoW! Thanks for the resource. I'm going to hop over to her blog and take a look! :-) It's good to know the manufacturer and such – I agree. Mine had a tag, and it's on the paperwork, so I lucked out. Before knew its make and model, I knew it was a mid to late 90s Clayton – only because I'm a Clayton fanatic, LOL.