This 1978 mobile home remodel is a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons. Of course, it’s a beautiful home and the remodel was well done but there are a couple more things that will keep this home in my top 5 favorite remodels of all time.

This was one of the first homes I ever shared and Kathy, the owner, was kind enough to let me interview her and feature her home. I will always be thankful for her kindness.

When I first started this blog I wanted to share beautiful mobile homes. I had just purchased an older single wide and couldn’t find a whole lot on the subject when I Googled it. There was some scattered content around the web, obviously, but I didn’t find a single resource that was specifically for us.

Another reason was far more personal. Since we had moved into our home, I had been looking for the manufacturer’s name as well as the model year. The only thing we knew about it was that it was a 70’s model single wide. When I stumbled upon Kathy’s blog all my questions were answered. This 1978 mobile home just happens to be an exact replica of our single wide with only a few small differences. I was finally able to learn the manufacturer and model of my own home thanks to Kathy.

Kathy has taught me what is possible with my mobile home and given me a perfect picture of what could eventually be.

1978 Mobile Home Remodel Details

We all need a little help when it comes to remodeling a mobile home. There are endless decisions to make: paint color, flooring type, countertop material, and lighting design are just a few basic decisions. Not to mention the stain color, the wall treatments, and the decor.   Remodeling a mobile home can overwhelm you quickly. Seeing how others have updated and remodeled their mobile homes helps tremendously.    Here’s a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been there and done that. Kathy turned her 1978 single wide into a home fit for a king. Anyone, anywhere, would be proud to call it home!  

Exterior Updates

Let’s start with the exterior. This mobile home is a 14×60 Homette that was manufactured in 1978.

The exterior before the 1978 mobile home remodel:

mobile home remodel- exterior

After the remodel:

mobile home remodel- after new deck

A few before and after photos of the 1978 mobile home remodel:

porch ideas for a mobile home

The deck was improved by removing the boarding and ensuring the frame was stable. Any rotted boards were replaced. A beautiful step design was built as well.

replacing mobile home windows

replacing mobile home windows
replacing mobile home windows

The windows and siding were replaced during the 1978 mobile home remodel. The windows were also moved to better take advantage of the views of the river. The corner windows are a great way to add a modern look to any mobile home.

The deck extends past the home toward the river to take full advantage of the gorgeous view. Kathy also had a new deck built for the back and replaced the aging and neglected landscaping and fence that surrounded the home.
building a back porch onto a mobile home
The back porch had a roof added as well as scrolled iron banisters. A new fence was installed as well as a gate:

updating landscaping around a mobile home

The Interior Is Awesome

The interior remodel is even more spectacular! The former owners had updated the kitchen appliances and painted the cabinet base and apparently stained the doors and drawers. It’s not a bad kitchen at all. However, when you’re going to remodel a home you might as well get it exactly how you want and that’s what Kathy did.

1978 Mobile Home Remodel – Interior:

mobile home kitchen before remodel