The Best Mobile Home Remodel EVER!

This mobile home remodel is a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons. Of course, it’s a beautiful home and the remodel was well done but there are more things that will keep this home in my top 5 favorite remodels of all time.

My Love For Mobile Homes

When I first started this blog I wanted to share beautiful mobile homes and homes that had been decorated because I had just purchased an older single wide and couldn’t find a whole lot on the subject. There was some scattered content around the web obviously but I didn’t find anyone resource that was specifically for us. I figured if it was something I wanted to see then others would as well. This was one of the first homes I ever shared and Kathy, the owner, and talented DIY improvement queen was kind enough to allow me to feature it. I will always be thankful for her kindness.

Another reason was far more personal. Since we had moved into our home, I had been looking for the manufacturer’s name as well as the model year. The only thing we knew about it was that it was a 70’s model single wide. The title was long gone and there was no record with the DMV. I started buying mobile home magazines, vintage ads and manuals from eBay and other sources but found nothing at all until I stumbled upon this mobile home remodeling blog. It just happens to be an exact replica of our single wide with only a few small differences. I was finally able to learn the manufacturer and model of my own home. I also ended up with quite an extensive collection of mobile home related stuff so it was certainly a win-win situation.

Kathy has taught me what is possible with my mobile home with no imagination needed and given me a perfect picture of what could eventually be. I hope you are able to be inspired as well!

A Look at the Exterior

Let’s start with the exterior. This home is a 14×60 Homette that was manufactured in 1978.

Mobile Home Remodel – Exterior:

mobile home remodel- exterior


After the remodel:


mobile home remodel- after new deck


A few before and after photos of the mobile home remodel:


porch ideas for a mobile home
The deck was improved by removing the boarding and ensuring the frame was stable. Any rotted boards were replaced. A beautiful step design was built as well.
replacing mobile home windows
replacing mobile home windows replacing mobile home windows
The windows and siding were replaced. The windows were also moved to better take advantage of the views of the river. The corner windows are a great way to add a modern look to any mobile home.
mobile home in beautiful place
The deck extends past the home toward the river to take full advantage of the gorgeous view. Kathy also had a new deck built for the back and replaced the aging and neglected landscaping and fence that surrounded the home.
 building a back porch onto a mobile home
The back porch had a roof added as well as scrolled iron banisters. A new fence was installed as well as a gate:

updating landscaping around a mobile home

The Interior Is Awesome

The interior remodel is even more spectacular! The former owners had updated the kitchen appliances and painted the cabinet base and apparently stained the doors and drawers. It’s not a bad kitchen at all. However, when you’re going to remodel a home you might as well get it exactly how you want and that’s what Kathy did.

Mobile Home Remodel – Interior:

mobile home kitchen before remodel
A new paint color, new countertops, and flooring along with a few additional upgrades give this room a whole new look.
mobile home kitchen after remodel

Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

The home utilizes the open floor concept with the kitchen sitting at the end of the home and the living room beside it. It’s a great layout that suits a modern lifestyle well even though it was originally designed in the seventies. I guess that tells us that the open floor concept isn’t as new and modern as we thought!

Here’s a photo of the living room and kitchen as well as the pantry that Kathy removed so she could have more living space:
mobile home remodel on interior
As you can see, there is a step up into the kitchen as well as a banister separating the two rooms. The banister was removed.  Below is the other side of the living room.
mobile home living room before remodel
The carpet was removed and the walls were updated with paint. It’s amazing what a little paint can do for a room!
mobile home living room after remodel
mobile home living room after remodel
As you walk down the hallway the first door on your left is the guest bedroom. It featured a built-in dresser with a mirror on top.
guest bedroom before makeover
New flooring and paint completely transformed this room.
guest bedroom after remodel


The next room is the bathroom and as we all know, bathrooms aren’t the easiest room to remodel but Kathy did a great job!

This room was updated to meet the new century:

mobile home bathroom remodel

Lastly, the master bedroom is on the very end of the home:

mobile home bedroom before


Kathy replaced the carpet and painted. Now it’s a perfect place to rest.

mobile home bedroom after

mobile home bedroom after 2

I could go on and on about the great things Kathy has done with her 1978 mobile home remodel! If you want to see more and read about the remodel from Kathy herself, please visit her blog,  My Little River Cabin.

I’m going to do a little interview with Kathy tomorrow. We can all learn a thing or two from someone who has done a mobile home remodel and get a bit more information on how she pulled it all together. Make sure to click here to get great ideas and advice about her mobile home remodel.

As always, thanks so much for reading Mobile & Manufactured Home Living!

  1. Lisa says

    I have learned a lot about mobile homes since moving into mine 10 years ago. I have learned that you can do just about anything to a mobile home that you can do to a stick built home as long as you make sure that you also reinforce the underneath to sustain the extra weight that you are adding inside. I didn't have a large amount of money to do a full remodel either but I found a company here in CA that specializes in Mobile and Manufactured homes and I had some cabinets just moved around in my kitchen added a dishwasher, cut the wall between the living room and kitchen and have now doubled the size of my kitchen for a reasonable amount of money……

  2. Lisa says

    you can also try looking at your Title paper work from when you purchased the home it should state the make, model and year it was built.

  3. CrystalMHL says

    Great to hear from you Carla!
    It is a great feeling to plant your roots and the fact that it is
    permanently attached to the land gives you a great resale potential
    (if you ever do decide to sale). I am always looking for pretty homes
    to feature so please send me some photos. I always liked the 80's
    mobile homes, they had great room layouts. Thanks so much for reading
    and commenting!

  4. carlahoag says

    Ours is an 1980 Skyline. I know because we bought it new. We've moved it 5 times and when we bought our land 10 years ago, my husband sold the axles and said 'this is it. We don't move it again.'

    Great post. Very encouraging!

  5. JuliFox says

    Wow! Inspiring! I am still in the process of trying to convince my hubby that living in a mobile home is not a bad idea. We're older, closer to retirement than not, and I really don't *want* a mortgage on a $100,000+ home that we would probably die before being able to pay off. I'd rather live simply and have extra money to spend on things like, oh, I dunno – visiting the kids and eventual grandkids? I am so excited to have found this blog, I think it may be just the thing to help me sway him!

  6. CrystalMHL says

    There is certainly some hard work and lot's of talent in this remodel. Kathy turned coal into a diamond in less than 14 The money situation is our problem too. If I had the money to really do what I wanted, I would be living in a mobile home that looks EXACTLY like this one! For now, I'll do one project at a time but that doesn't get to much done..dang economy!

  7. sharkbytes says

    That sure looks nice. Hard to believe it's that old. The one I own (and can't afford to do anything about) is from somewhere in the 1980's and it's a mess. I bought it for the son to live in, but he can't afford enough rent to do more than pay the bills. Nevertheless, I'm interested in what could be done.

  8. CrystalMHL says

    Hey Candy, I had been looking for the manufacturer for 16 months!! Just stumbled upon the blog and viola I saw my home (but much much nicer). Kathy is a great person too (just like you!) I think you to would hit it off..leave her a comment and she'll reply, That's how I got a hold of her…I need to pick your brain about Claytons (or have you write something again :-)))))

  9. Candy says

    WoW! Thanks for the resource. I'm going to hop over to her blog and take a look! :-) It's good to know the manufacturer and such – I agree. Mine had a tag, and it's on the paperwork, so I lucked out. Before knew its make and model, I knew it was a mid to late 90s Clayton – only because I'm a Clayton fanatic, LOL.

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