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If you like vintage mobile homes you probably know all about the classic movie The Long, Long Trailer. It stars the funniest red-head that ever lived, Mrs. Lucille Ball, and her handsome husband, Desi Arnaz.

The movie is a lot like the couple’s popular TV show, I love Lucy. Both are about a couple that gets into all kinds of shenanigans thanks to the quirky wife, Lucy.

Although The Long, Long Trailer seems to be a perfect extension of the I Love Lucy show and written specifically for the couple, it isn’t.

The long long trailer book illustration

The book, titled The Long, Long Trailer was published in 1951 by Clinton Twiss and was based on a true(ish) store (some embellishments were made).

Clinton Twiss, a writer for many popular radio shows in the 1940’s and his wife, Merle, decided to sell all their belongings and travel the country with a travel trailer in the late 1940s. The book is based on those travels. The Trailerite website quotes Mr. Twiss:

You’d have to live in a trailer to know what it means to write with the vacuum cleaner running in your ear, or your wife urging you to move while she takes the pie from the out of the oven, or the man next door who bumps the trailer and knocks the typewriter of the bread board (that’s my desk) every time he goes to the shower.”

Download The Long, Long Trailer Book

The Long, Long Trailer Book Cover

To download The Long, Long Trailer book, click on the following button:

If the button doesn’t work for some reason you can go to and download it. Just scroll down a bit until you see the grey box on the right titled ‘Download Options.’ There are several options for you to choose: epub, PDF, and Kindle formats are the most popular.

The Long, Long Trailer Movie

The internet is a beautiful thing! You can find just about anything you could want online and I was able to find a short preview of The Long, Long Trailer movie on Youtube!

It says you can watch the movie for $2.99 but I’ve never rented movies on Youtube so I’m not sure how that works. If the Youtube link above doesn’t work for you there’s always Amazon.

You can order the movie from Amazon for $9.99 (it was only $5.95 a few months ago).

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There’s a free ebook from a 1937 magazine from called How to Build Trailers that we give to all our new newsletter subscribers so be sure to add your name to our list below if you haven’t already. The download link will be emailed to you right after you confirm your email.

Hope you enjoy The Long, Long Trailer ebook! Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Your home sounds awesome, John! I’d have that 3 car garage full of silly stuff (mostly Airstream Thanks for commenting such kind words – it makes my day to read nice comments!

  2. Love what you are doing. I look forward to getting your articles in my email inbox. The movie The Long Long Trailer means a lot to me because my first mobile home was a Feetwood as was the one in the movie. It was one of their first ventures into mobile homes. They were known for their travel trailers. I’m planing to remodel my 1999 double wide. It’s on a foundation sitting on a 1 acre lot in a mobile home subdivision with a detached 3 car garage. I own the lot & home. It’s out in the country. Your articles are a real help to me. I wasn’t able to buy a stick built home but was able to buy this one. They are a great buy for people on low incomes. Keep up the great work.