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  1. Quite frankly, I don’t know how I landed on your pages, it must have been Divine Providence! Anyhow, I am delighted!!! I will be moving into a Fifth Wheeler the first part of June. I plan to be there permanently. And your blog is just what I need. Keep up the great work; you and your contributors are truly inspirational!

    1. Congratulations and thank you, Kristine! I love to hear that we’re helping! I’d love to see your new home after you get settled in – every story is an inspiration. Best of luck!

  2. Hello Ms Crystal Adkins. I have a question I can not find answers to. I have an 83 (Riverbreeze is what I think the model is and who knows the manufacturer) that needs some exterior work. The main focus at this moment is updating the underpinning. It is metal siding. The little piece that runs up under the siding on the bottom, probably a drip rail or just trimming, is in really bad shape and all beat and twisted with screw holes. Can this be replaced? Or should I just adjust the height of the top piece for the vinyl underpinning? I have searched diligently and found nothing. I hope to hear from you. You have tons of good articles and DIY and at this point most of this will be DYI as I have a limited budget. And one other thing…adding an A/C? aNY EASY WAY TO DO THIS dyi? Thank you !!!

    1. Hi Steven!

      You may want to look at flashings, fascia, or soffit. You can get it in metal or vinyl. Usually they come in 10′ lengths and are formed in just about any shape you would ever need.

      There’s different names for different shapes such as Zee, base guard, drip caps, J channels. I’m thinking a 6″ drip edge or a dormer flashing would work perfect for replacing the original trim. You can find it in just about any color too.

      Here’s some links that will explain more. As far as where to buy – I wanna say you can special order from Lowe’s (you’ll need to go to the siding and roofing section and probably order from a catalog). You can order from online sites as well: (Flashings and Trims start on page 14)

      Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!

  3. Hi Crystal!
    Just found your Blog, love it! We have a 2002 Skyway on eight acres in Florida that we hope to upgrade since we havent been able to build our dream home.

    Your blog will be our mainstay! I will send you info when we decide where to start if you would like! We love sharing and learning what we dan do by others xample.