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  1. its a question converting or siding a mobile or pre-fab home to look like a log home at central florida would like your comment and advise where i could persue more information on this subject thank you godspeed

    1. Hi David!

      You can install log siding on a manufactured home. There are composite materials and regular ole trees so you have a couple of good options to choose from. You’ll want to Google log siding installation in central Florida (or your town) and start comparing prices on your square footage. Sometimes finding a local sawmill will be your cheapest route (transporting costs will be lower) so be sure to call them too.

      Here’s a double wide that has log siding and it is gorgeous!! https://mobilehomeliving.org/complete-double-wide-remodel-arkansas/

      Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hi Crystal, I bought my first mobile home, which is a 30 year old doublewide. I was looking forward to remodeling, but I discovering so many issues. I’m so disheartened. I can really use some guidance. In the kitchen, I noticed old water damage after I removed the old cabinets. So we pulled out the drywall and found mold and dry rot in the top & bottom framing due to old water damage from a roof leak. We are replacing the roof now and will have to get someone to do the framing work. But I also noticed after pulling the insulation out that there isn’t any sheathing. Do I need to add plywood sheathing between studs or housewrap? Is the entire home going to need sheathing wrapped around it or new siding?

    I’m so nervous about the mold too. Besides the kitchen, which is where I first found it after pulling drywall off, it’s also on the walls where there are windows. The windows are new vinyl windows. I think the installation was done improperly. The framing of the windows is mdf. Is the normal? I think I’m going to need to get the windows installed properly too. Please, any advice will be appreciated.


    1. Hi Damaris,

      Leaks will absolutely destroy a home in no time so I’m glad you caught it! You’ll need to remove all the water damaged material and give the area a mold and mildew treatment to be 100% safe. With your statement about the leaks and the windows, I think you need to have the home checked to see if it’s level. It’s really hard to mess up a window installation so I’d say it was installed properly but your house is unlevel which is causing strain everywhere, which is causing the leaks. You can buy a water-level kit for around $25 online (it’s recommended that a manufactured home be re-leveled every 2-5 years).

      A lot of manufactured homes in the south, mid-atlantic, midwest, and west coasts usually did not have sheathing or house wrap. You had the framing, the insulation, and the siding – that’s it. Only the high-end, or upgraded home would have it. This was before the energy- efficiency movement and new lightweight materials were developed.
      best of luck!