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Cedar Siding on Mobile Homes: Richard and Marie’s Whim

cedar siding on a mobile home

Cedar siding on mobile homes is rare but it shouldn’t be! It takes guts to be different but luckily there are unique people that do unique things every day. Those people need to be celebrated. In this post, we meet a couple that wasn’t afraid to try something new and the outcome is beautiful with this cedar siding on a mobile home.

The Whim

Sitting beside a lake in Wisconsin, Marie and Richard found their weekend getaway by accident. They were looking for an investment property to purchase and found an advertisement for a ‘cute place on a lake.’ Marie called and learned it was only 40 minutes from their home and that it was a single wide sitting on a half acre lot with unobstructed lake views. The inlet on their part of the lake doesn’t have public access, making for a quiet and calm alcove, perfect for these 2 outdoor enthusiasts.

Being avid kayakers, the lakefront property piqued their interest and they made plans to view the home on Labor Day weekend. They were pleasantly surprised with the condition of the home, the floor plan which includes a living room that faces the lake, the lot and the lake view.

cedar siding on a mobile home
At first, they were admittedly hesitant about buying a manufactured home. Having never lived in or owned one before, Marie was cautious but she kept an open mind. After researching her questions and seeing the potential and the beautiful lake views, her doubts quickly left and excitement took over. They bought the home on a whim and used the winter months to plan their remodels.

cedar siding on a mobile home

cedar siding on a mobile home

Richard had repaired and remodeled many conventional built homes but never a manufactured home. Once they learned the basic differences (and there are differences) of manufactured homes and stick built, they dove right in and gave the home a very unique and rustic look. This home is beautiful and when they get completely finished, it will be absolutely intriguing.

cedar siding on a mobile home

This home had great features when it was made. The home has 2×6 framing, probably on 12-inch centers. Thicker walls add support and insulation value. Some homes do not come with the 2×6 structuring, but it can usually be added at extra cost. It’s also recommended for those cold Wisconsin winters. The home also has the ever elusive living area on the end which is perfect for the view!

They have added a deck to the lake end of the home, planning the basement to have a patio with a roof. They tore down the existing decks and will be adding full-length decks along the length of the house. Eventually, it will be roofed for added living space.

cedar siding on a mobile home

The rough cut cedar shingles are evenly spaced in a straight line. They will be surrounding the entire single wide with it. They already have 3 sides wrapped and just need to finish one little end. Also, they were able to give the old siding to a fellow remodeler, keeping it out of the landfill.
The exposed basement/foundation walls were coated with faux river rock aptly named “Wisconsin River rock.” The effects are stunning!
cedar siding on a mobile home
cedar siding on a mobile home

They have turned a standard Wick Artcraft Model CA-679 single wide manufactured home into a lakefront retreat that anyone would be proud to call home! Oh, and they’re not finished at all! They have plans to add a stone patio at the basement door and make a roofed deck surround both sides to add living space perfectly suited for such a view.

They have also replaced all the windows except the remaining bay windows that face the lake. Once the decks are complete they will be able to get to them much easier.
Knowing what order to do projects to give you the easiest method is a very important aspect of any remodeling job. If you have multiple projects it is best to think each one through so that there’s no going back or re-doing anything. Also, it is very important to research any building codes or ordinances in the municipality to comply with safety regulations.

So far, the couple estimates they have spent around $8500 on the improvements. Of course, since they are doing the labor themselves, they are saving thousands of dollars. When they get finished this home is going to be a show stopper!

Here are photos of the completed stone and most of the decking and siding finished. Richard and Marie have agreed to share their remodel as they complete the projects. She’s also been kind enough to answer a few questions, too!

cedar siding on a mobile home

cedar siding on a mobile home

Homeowner’s Interview

How did you choose cedar siding? Had you ever seen it used on a single wide before?

We had thought of going with a log siding, but decided cedar shingles would be more fitting for a rustic lake cottage. The home we live in has “clear cedar shingles” on an addition of our home and it has weathered to a gray patina. In time, our “cottage” will age the same way and will have the look of a house in Nantucket.

Are there remodeling plans for the interior?

Since it was built in 1995, the interior is still in really good shape and was move in ready. We are thinking of a few cosmetic changes. We are considering replacing the interior doors with more attractive pine 6-panel doors. 
Eventually, the bathroom tub/shower will be replaced along with the plastic sink and counter. We were not too keen on that aspect of the house. I would also like to replace the kitchen counters. The smaller of the two bedrooms definitely needs to be painted.  The original PINK carpeting in the hall and the small bedroom will be taken up and replaced with laminate or engineered flooring. Color and decorating will be kept simple for our lake retreat.

What’s your favorite part of this home?

The open concept of the kitchen and living room facing the lake was ideal for the property! The quiet inlet on the lake was an added bonus.

What was your biggest concern about the home?

I have always heard stories of the damage that tornadoes have on these types of houses. But, then again, there isn’t a house around that can withstand a direct hit! We are fortunate to have a full basement to be able to take cover in.

Now that you’ve worked on and stayed in the home, what’re your thoughts about a manufactured home? Has your opinion changed?

Oh my! Yes! It is the perfect alternative to building a cabin or cottage if the municipality allows. It is just as cozy and comfortable as a conventionally built home.

Any regrets? 

Only that we didn’t find our gem sooner! It’s a work in progress and because of the seasons in Wisconsin, the exterior will take another summer to complete.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to buy and remodel a manufactured home?

Make sure you check out the make, model and year of the home much like you would check out the year a house was built or when you purchase a car. It may help in the remodeling or renovations. And really check the wiring, plumbing, and heating just as in a conventionally built house. Really think the whole process through for remodeling. It makes it go so much easier. also, any building codes and ordinances. You don’t want to be forced to take down anything you have done! 

cedar siding on a mobile home

I can’t wait to see the finished product. With the creativity and know how Marie and Richard have, this home, aptly named “The Whim’ will be turning heads for decades to come!

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