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This 1976 Argosy Camper Remodel Will Blow Your Mind!

This Argosy camper remodel is one of my favorite older model camper makeovers.

Some of the most popular camper remodels stem from budding interior decorators or hobbyist investors that can turn a profit doing something they love. Of course, many camper remodels are just a fan of campers wanting a nice space to create memories with their family. Or even big stars who use campers on set, like Ellen Pompeo’s Camper Makeover we wrote about.

1976 Argosy Airstream camper remodel - kitchen

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Many well-known interior designers have done camper remodels. This allows them to add to their portfolio and get a better experience in decorating small spaces. It can also be a great way to raise money for a good cause. Ralph Lauren added his style to an Airstream and donated it to a charity that raised $150,000 with the sale of the camper.

Since more people are realizing the benefits of living in affordable small homes the demand for remodeled and updated campers is very high. You can go to eBay or Craigslist and find practically any make, model, or style.

1976 Argosy Camper Remodel Interior

This 1976 Argosy was found on Craigslist and it is a beautiful example of a well-done camper remodel!

(Most of the text below is pulled straight from the ad which is a joy to read itself.)

1976 Argosy Camper Remodel - beds
1976 Argosy Airstream remodel
1976 Argosy Airstream Makeover (17)

1976 Argosy Camper Remodel Features

  • She’s 26′, and sleeps 4 comfortably with 2 twins mid-vessel, and a double futon up front
  • She boasts a full bathroom with sink, toilet, bathtub and shower
  • She’s 39 years young, a classic 1976
  • It’s not polite to ask a lady her weight – but this is Betty White, so anything goes. She’s about 4500 lbs dry, which is much lighter than original
  • Tires and axel are solid
  • New plumbing and electric throughout, most lights are LED
1976 Argosy camper remodel - living area update

Craigslist ad continues:

We got this vintage golden girl a year ago, and brought her into current times with a very modern look. Clean lines, a mixture of warm wood and stainless steel she’s beautiful and extremely functional for a small space, you will have all the comforts of home. Everything you see pictured comes with the trailer. There’s still plenty of camping time left this season – you’ll be ready to roll! And she has a space heater to stay toasty in the winter months.

1976 Argosy camper remodel (kitchen area updated)

Camper Remodel Updates

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • First, and foremost – we installed a working, lighted, spinning disco ball. Boom. [Mic drop]
  • Removed the 70’s throughout
  • New kitchen, including the kitchen sink! (and the faucet, stove, fridge/freezer, cabinets, countertops, tile backsplash, stainless rails/hanging bin, plank walls)
1976 Argosy Camper Remodel - Kitchen closeup
  • Custom built bed frames for the twin beds mid-vessel
  • Custom curtains, with black-out material (I’m not talking tequila here, folks. . .just the stuff that doesn’t let the light in)
  • New interior primer and paint
  • Custom tiled shower and sink backsplash in bathroom
  • Added privacy tint to the (very large) bathroom window. You’re welcome. And to your future camping neighbors – Sorry, no peep show for you.
  • Custom linens and pillows throughout
  • New water pump
  • New memory foam mattress toppers on the twins
  • Added breezy “train compartment” curtains to give the people in the twin beds their own space
  • New full size, 8″ deep spring futon mattress with custom cover
  • Installed new 27″ LED TV/DVD combo on those go-go-gadget extending mounts
  • New vinyl plank flooring, with new sub-flooring
1976 Argosy camper remodel - bathroom updated

Craigslist Ad Continued:

While she is AWESOME to stay in now (you’ll make a lot of new friends in the campgrounds), you could take it a step further to turn her into an ultra-luxurious cabin. Plus, you’d get to take all the credit for finishing her – nice! Why are we not keeping her? Because we love to remodel these dolls, and I already have my eye on our next project that I want to work on over the winter. But she has been asking about YOU – and wanted me to be sure to mention that you could rent her out on AirBnB, or as a tiny home for rental income, or have an extra guest room on your property…she’s willing to work hard for her money!

1976 Argosy camper remodel - bathroom updated 2

Here are a few things that could still be improved (per the seller): 

I have a love/hate relationship with the vinyl plank flooring. It contracted and expanded with the weather, so there are some gaps. But, since it’s a “floating floor” it would be easy to pull up and lay something else – or, I find that an area rug solves this problem quite nicely.

We just took off the awning, and are cleaning/polishing all the hardware. It’s going to need new fabric, though. It’s an easy project…

The air conditioner works (so far as I know – we have turned it on from the electrical panel), but the previous owners tossed the interior cover/panel. These are available on vintage trailer supply sites, Craigslist, and eBay

The hot water heater needs to be repaired – or, what the heck – just replace it and get the warranty

  • This is a rare opportunity to get a piece of Americana for a reasonable price, and put your finishing touches to make Betty the gal of your dreams! If this post is still up, we still have her. Thanks for your interest!
1976 Argosy Airstream Makeover (10)

There you have it – one of the most entertaining Craigslist ads in history that just happens to describe one beautiful camper.

 And, all this can be yours for $25,000.

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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