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  1. good morning ! i am interesting in replacing the shower in my manufactured home, which was built in 2005. i spoke with rebath, and they told me they do not replace showers in manufactured homes.

    are there any companies that do ?

    all suggestions and comments would be very much appreciated. thank you !

  2. I have a 1990’s mobile home and I’m trying to remodel the guest bathroom. I’m keeping the tub but I can’t figure out what’s on the wall around the tub. It’s all white and I have a small window.

  3. Please help. Remodeling 1971 singlewide bath. Took out tub. Replaced with 27×54 shower pan. Drywalled whole room with greenboard but need attractive surround ,lightweight.Hopefully DIY friendly.I also wondered if there is way to waterproof materials to use in shower

  4. I just bought a 1999 Cavco a few months ago. I wanted to remodel the master bath but it looks like I won’t be able to afford to replace the tub. It’s a corner garden with the corner seat like thing, it has a very thin wood type skirt around the front that is falling apart. Do they sell replacements? How, where would I find what I need? And can I replace the faucet with a waterfall that also has a separate spray thing to wash your hair or pets in the tub? I have a walk through bathroom with the small shower next to the sink. I was thinking of taking half the wall out next to the sink and replacing it with a glass partition, and taking out the stall and tiling it. Would that be something I could do in the future? Thank you.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      You should be able to do all the things you’ve mentioned. Replacing the faucets are usually no problem and replacing that thin front covering is possible as well. You would probably want to use marine-grade plywood or other material though.

      Let me know if you have any problems.

  5. I’d like to replace the trim around our bathroom mirrors. Anyone have luck with this? It appears the trim is glued to the mirror. How can I safely remove the trim without breaking the mirror??

    1. Hi Kelly,

      The glue they use on mobile home mirrors and the trim around the mirrors is some of the best I’ve ever encountered. I’ve never been able to remove a mirror from a wall without damage so the best I can offer is to slowly pry the trim away while keeping some heat on it (hairdryer) or pouring some goo gone behind the trim. Use a razor blade to cut the top vinyl or paper layer under the trim (or as close as possible) to avoid ripping it and then pry toward the middle of the mirror.
      Best of luck!

  6. I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I have mobility isues from a broken backl (L3 Shattered twice.) I i live in a double wide and have a bathroom of my own. I am unsure how much I can afford. I currently have a Garden Tub I wish to replace. I live in Pflugerville, north of Austin, TX.

    1. HI Joseph,

      I Googled mobile home plumber in Austin TX and here are the results. Start calling them and see if they have any programs that can help. There are some health insurance programs that will help you put a new tub in (they have the doors on them and there are commercials for them on TV all the time). Call your insurance and see if they have anything, it’s very little out of pocket if a doctor prescribes it.

      Best of luck!

    1. Hi Hunter!

      I wish that was the case for WV (and SC isn’t too great but I only visited one store). A tub and surround were going to cost $699 for the cheapest, the better one was in the $800s at our mobile home supply company. If there is no competition in the area mobile home supplies are extremely expensive. I suspect FL and CA would have good competition so it would be cheaper to buy a mobile home sized tub and throw it in real quick.

      The last bathroom redo my husband did for a client was a tub for $139 at Lowe’s and a gorgeous subway tile surround for about $200. Oh, and they added a cute little gel fireplace on the wall opposite the tub. I wish I had photos, it was so pretty!

      Always great to hear from you!