Luxury Mobile Home Communities Make a Statement in Malibu

Today we are taking a look at two luxury mobile home communities that line the beaches in Malibu. These homes aren’t for everyone, but if you are looking for beachfront living in Malibu, communities like these have their benefits. For example, even though rent is high in these communities, it’s still two to three times less than a piece of property in Malibu. Plus, both of these communities have built-in clauses so that the residents don’t have to worry about the parks being sold and being asked to move.

Point Dume Mobile Home Park

The Point Dume community was first developed in 1970 and is a 24-hour gated mobile home park filled with charming beach homes, offering beach access, a heated swimming pool, tennis court, saunas, and a clubhouse. Many of the residents buy the smaller mobile homes as weekend or summer getaways. A one-bedroom can go for as low as 600k, which of course isn’t cheap, but remember that one-bedroom has a view of the sea and private beach access and most have been completely updated.

Who wouldn’t love to lay by that pool?
One of the tree-lined streets of the community.
luxury mobile home communities point dume aerial view
This view would never get old!

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove has 276 Mobile homes, some with ocean views and all with direct access to the Private Beaches of the area. It has the well-deserved nickname, “America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park”, and has had more than its share of famous residents over the years. The area was first developed in the ’50s when fishermen began parking their trailers and campers down by the water. In the ’70s, the Cove’s owners graded the bluff above their original plot, which at that point had 100 homes, to make space for an additional 165 double-wide units and you can’t beat the view.

Who wouldn’t love a home that close to the beach?
So beautiful.
Malibu living at a fraction of the cost.

Mini Mobile Mansions

Both of these luxury mobile home communities are full of what can only be called mini mobile mansions. From tiny homes to older mobile homes that have been completely gutted and transformed, these homes are nothing short of amazing. Some of the rich and famous that have called these mini mobile mansions home include Minnie Driver, Betsey Johnson, and designer Rachel Ashwell, just to name a few. As a matter of fact, if you search Malibu on our site, you will find dozens of articles on homes in the area.

Light and Bright Malibu Double Wide
Malibu Mobile Home.
Betsey Johnson’s One of A Kind Mobile Home.

Even though you may never find yourself living in one of these luxury mobile home communities, they are still fun to look at! Plus it is great to see that places like these even exist because that means that the stigma is fading as mobile home living becomes a luxury option with a smaller price tag than a stick-built home.

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