The Shabby Creek Cottage

Shabby Creek
I’ve been a big fan of The Shabby Creek Cottage blog for quite a while now. The cottage is a double wide mobile home that the owner, Gina, has completely remodeled and decorated in a modern cottage style. This home is more than beautiful!
This blog is packed full of great DIY ideas and she explains the steps clearly. If you like the cottage look your certainly going to love The Shabby Creek Cottage. Be prepared to stay a while, I lose at least an hour every time I go there. 
and a video of The Shabby Creek Cottage…

If you are about to remodel your mobile home just remember that anything is possible. It’s not what you live in but what you do with it. There’s so many great reasons to choose a mobile home, price being the best reason of all. With a little creativity and elbow grease you can have the home of your dreams! The proof is right here…

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

All photos and videos are property of The Shabby Creek Cottage.

  1. Chris Pyle says

    Just love what you have done with your home. Looks so comfortable and light and bright. The floors look wonderful. I am loving your wall color too.


  2. Alicia says

    I love her blog too! I wish there was more blogs like hers!
    My recent post Five Things Friday

  3. CrystalMHL says

    It is soo helpful and handy! I've learned all kinds of great tips and
    tricks..and her Etsy shop is just to adorable,..thanks so much Alicia,
    for reading MHL and commenting!

  4. CrystalMHL says

    Exactly Shirlee! It is bright and so very cheerful..I love it when
    people add their own personalization into a mobile home, it makes a
    world of difference!

  5. Jeni says

    I LOVE this kitchen!! And that flooring!! OMG, terrific, and inspiring!! :)
    My recent post Magical Mud Room Makeover

  6. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Jeni! This is another gorgeous home! I can't wait to see your new
    mud room makeover, I just know it's gonna be gorgeous too..I thought
    of you yesterday and was about to email you. My daughter found 4 robin
    eggs on the ground and we looked and looked for the nest but couldn't
    find it. I googled and saw that it was pretty much a hopeless cause so
    we laid them back where she found them. She wanted to try and raise hope your doing well and the birds are enjoying your
    beautiful homestead!

  7. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Diana,
    I didn't either at first! In one post she states that she realizes
    most don't know that it is but that she was never trying to hide it,
    she just didn't think it necessary to explain it in every post, which
    is totally understandable. I find her blog to be wonderfully inspiring
    and helpful! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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