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Why Transitional Decor Design May Be Right For Your Mobile Home

Transitional decor design may not be the type of home decor you are familiar with but it is one of the easiest and most common types of home decor around. According to transitional style is described as “a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor.”

Many who like a “lighter” traditional look choose this style because transitional decor tends to span multiple decades and always looks fresh. Transitional decor retains the classic lines of traditional styles, but the colors and furnishings are typically more modern in their appearance.

How to Create Transitional Decor Design Yourself

The elements of transitional decor are pretty simple and include:

  1. Starting with a neutral palette
  2. Keep the accessories to a minimum (less is more)
  3. Combine your favorite pieces with new ones to create the look you love
  4. Create a contrast using different textures and fabrics
  5. Keep the window treatments simple with a solid color that compliments the palette you are using

An important thing to keep in mind when creating this decor style is to pick pieces that can stand alone while still working well together. Also, you will want to keep the textures and colors to around four or five shades that will work together throughout your home.

We’ve found several great examples of how to pull this look together, take a look!

all images courtesy of Pinterest.

A transitional color palette should have a strong balance between cool and warm tones. Transitional color schemes should be close to 50/50 or at least 60/40.

Why transitional decor design may be right for your mobile home
Just one color palette example.
Why transitional decor design may be right for your mobile home
Different patterns and textures make the look.
Why transitional decor design may be right for your mobile home
Keep it simple.
Why transitional decor design may be right for your mobile home
Love this room and all the different elements.
Transitional decor design bedroom
The bed itself adds texture to the room.

Transitional interior design allows plenty of freedom in terms of how you want your home to look but also retains some pieces of past traditions. This is why it is one of the best themes you can use for your home.

If transitional decor design isn’t quite the right fit for your mobile home, take a look at some of the other ideas we have shared including:

The bottom line, regardless of what decor style you choose, is to be sure that it fits your family and feels like home.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living®.

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