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Yes, These are Manufactured Homes!

One of the greatest things about mobile home living is the unlimited potential that manufactured homes have. You can change and build onto mobile homes just as you would a site built home so the sky is the limit.

These 3 unusual manufactured homes are perfect examples of the unlimited potential of all mobile and manufactured homes.

Legendary Log Home

Many families opt to live in an affordable mobile home on-site while building their dream home. It’s a smart way to DIY a dream home. I don’t know if that happened while they built this epic log cabin but the chances are good.

If you walked around this log home you would never know there was a mobile home involved. It’s a gorgeous log home with 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens. Yes, 2 kitchens.

Log Home Exterior

No sign of a manufactured home here.

Log Home Fireplace

Or here in this kitchen.

Log Home Kitchen

Definitely not here…

Log Home Staircases

Here we go…this is definitely a kitchen in a manufactured home!

Log Home Kitchen 2

Other than the listing saying this home is a “manufactured home” I wouldn’t have known.

Log Home Staircase

I can’t help but wonder if they did this to save money on taxes. If it is “just a manufactured home with an addition” it wouldn’t be taxed as much as a site-built home.

Log Home View Of Loft

I have so many questions! Like, which way is the manufactured home in this layout? The listing states this home is a mobile/manufactured

The listing states:

Gorgeous cedar home that’s a must see! Located in the heart of the river valley and wine country with views of Mount Magazine. Home has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with a 30X30 shop, shop has a bathroom and laundry hookups.. Home features 2 living areas and 2 kitchens. Large master upstairs with a deck to gaze at the mountains. There’s also a second home that could be remodeled.

  • Mobile Manufactured
  • $55/sqft
  • Lot Size: 15.0 acres
  • Built in 2001

Log Home View Looking Down
Unusual Manufactured Homes Log Home Entrances

I like to think that that the homeowners were living in the single wide while building their dream log home but they liked their manufactured home so much they decided to incorporate it into the home.

You can buy this home in Ozark, Arkansas for $284,284. The listing is on here.

Two Homes in One

Some people can get attached to their manufactured home. So much so, that they can’t stand the thought of it being pulled away after they’ve built their dream home.

It’s not unusual for mobile home owners to place their home over a basement. Adding a basement is a great way to add extra space without having to add a separate addition. However, these homeowners went above and beyond, they added a complete second home to their existing home.

Two In One Living Room
Two In One Kitchen
Two In One Master Bath
Two In One Bath
Two In One Second Living Room
Two In One Sitting Room
Two In One Second Kitchen
Two In One Second Bathroom
Two In One Second Shower
Two In One Patio
Two In One Exterior
Unusual Manufactured Homes Two In One Second Exterior
Two In One Back Of Exterior

Brick Beauty Has it All

This brick beauty is stunning!

The owner built under and beside their original double wide to create a gorgeous home with a 3 bay garage.

Brick Beauty Living Room
Brick Beauty Kitchen
Brick Beauty Master Bedroom

The owner also bricked the entire home to give it a cohesive look.

Unusual Manufactured Homes Brick Beauty Front Porch

The garage is just as large as the double wide.

Brick Beauty Front Exterior

The back porch is awesome!

Brick Beauty Back Exterior

These 3 unusual manufactured homes prove that you can turn your manufactured home into anything you want.

You can likely pay a much lower tax bill by using a mobile or manufactured home as the foundation of a larger, more luxurious, home since many places refuse to reclassify a mobile home property into real property unless the owner specifically requests it. Taxes on mobile homes are usually always cheaper than real property.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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