Unusual Tiny Homes Full Of Character

The unusual tiny homes we are sharing today are great examples of just how far tiny homes have come after all these years. As we already know, tiny homes have a long history of being a way to enjoy a smaller and more affordable lifestyle. And, although tiny living may not be for everyone, it is definitely becoming more popular especially for the youngest generation who seem to embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle.

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The Gypsy Mermaid is One of a Kind

We stumbled upon our first find on the Tiny Living website. Constructed of a variety of reclaimed materials, it even includes a brick pizza oven! Built and owned by a Floridian couple, there are many handmade details to notice, such as the hand-carved curved cypress ceiling rafters.

all images courtesy of tiny living

Gypsy mermaid interior
Love all the details.
Gypsy mermaid entrance
Open and inviting!
Gypsy mermaid kitchen
Look at that marble sink.
Gypsy mermaid dining
Pops of color bring this tiny home to life.
Gypsy mermaid loft
An abundance of natural light in the loft.
Unusual tiny homes mermaid gypsy exterior
The exterior was built with reclaimed cedar and tin.

Whimsical Tiny Home

This unusual tiny home is chocked full of color and creates just the statement that the owners were going for. Created by Tudor House, this whimsical tiny home makes you feel like you are stepping back in time. The bathroom is spa-like with slate tiles, and one of a kind copper clawfoot tub.

all images courtesy of Tudor House

Whimsical interior
The dark wood and deep colors are the perfect combination.
Whimsical living area
So cozy.
Whimsical bath
Look at that soaking tub.
Unusual tiny homes whimsical exteriors
It’s like its a tiny tudor home!

A Tiny Home That Floats

When it comes to unusual tiny homes, it doesn’t get much better than this super cute home located in Maine. Built mostly from pine shiplap, the home took over 10 years to construct. At 240 square feet, the interior has a light stain with a bright turquoise floor. Pops of color and an open loft make this the perfect home away from home.

images courtesy of Maine Home + Design.

Floating view from loft
Great view from the loft.
Floating kitchen 1
The railing is constructed from driftwood.
Floating dining
Perfect spot for dinner.
There’s even a patio garden.
Unusual tiny  homes floating exterior
The perfect getaway!

With one of these unusual tiny homes we could definitely join in on the tiny home movement! Whether for full time living or for a fun vacation home, tiny homes are here to stay.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below! Would one of these tiny homes suit your lifestyle? As always thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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