Lake Side Park Model Single Wide
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lake side park model single wide

I just had to share this gorgeous park model home with you, the remodel and decor is fresh and modern. The all white canvas has allowed the owners to use splashes of color in all the right places and can easily be changed when the mood strikes. This is a dream home!

Park Model Homes

The owner comments on Houzz that this home is a mere 534 square foot. She also adds that it is in the Canadian Rockies and is a park model mobile home. Park model homes are classified in a few different ways. They are used mostly as a permanent dwelling for RV parks and tourist attractions but lots of people use them for their everyday home, too.  If they are under 400 square feet (or 450 in Canada) they are titled as recreational vehicles. Models with higher square footage must be transported by a licensed carrier and are classified as manufactured homes.

Park model homes come with several different layouts and options. The most utilized design in today’s market is the large windows on the end. Usually from floor to roof, the windows take up the entire end of the home. Sometimes the door is placed on the end as well. This provides a great deck or porch for the spectacular views that some RV parks have (especially this one).

This home, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful park model homes I have ever had the pleasure to see. The clean white with the bold color accents really appeal to me (not to mention the teal and green are my favorite colors). I love everything about this home!

Lovely Park Model Home 1
Lovely Park Model Home 2
Lovely Park Model Home 3
Lovely Park Model Home 4
Lovely Park Model Home 5
lake side park model single wide exterior
The grey exterior color along with the light blue accent color is perfect for a lake home. Water colors are an obvious choice for a location so close to a lake! What a dream home and a perfect example of space and color usage for a smaller home.
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5 thoughts on “Lovely Park Model Home”

  1. I love the white sofa and the design of the pillows. They give so much compatibility to the overall design or theme of the park model home. I’ve been planning to look for a park model home and live independently. Will certainly take this into consideration. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bobby,

      I love park models! They are tough to buy and place because of their classification as a recreational vehicle instead of a manufactured home. I would place one on our property in a heartbeat if it was possible. If you do end up getting one please take photos of the installation. I would love to learn more about the process.

      Thank you!

    1. Hi Erin! Unfortunately I do not but the floor plan is remarkably similar in just about every park model. It wouldn’t be too hard at all to get it through any builder. Thanks so much for reading MHL!

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