Vintage Mobile Home Restoration; Worlds Oldest Caravan

Vintage Mobile Home Restoration; Worlds Oldest Caravan

The Wanderer, perhaps one of the oldest mobile homes in existence, recently went through an extensive vintage mobile home restoration. It’s now proudly displayed at the Cotswolds Caravan Club.

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Dr. William Stables, a wealthy Scotsman, commissioned the caravan in 1884. It is an impressive 30 feet long and the epitome of luxury.

worlds oldest mobile home owned by Dr Stables vintage mobile home restoration

This mobile home has rich mahogany and maple wood walls. Just like any home, it is fully furnished with a bookcase, china cabinet, paraffin oven, and piano.

Dr. Stables was inspired by the Roman wagons of the day.

The Ultimate Vintage Mobile Home Restoration:

interior of the worlds oldest mobile home; vintage mobile home restoration

interior of the worlds oldest mobile home, the wanderer; vintage mobile home restoration

washroom of the wanderer, the worlds oldest mobile home; vintage mobile home restoration

The caravan first went on tour in 1885 and was pulled by two horses named Captain Corn-Flower and Polly Pea-Blossom.

The immense size of the caravan required that a boy rode ahead of the home on a bicycle to warn people that it was on its way.

worlds oldest mobile home traveling; vintage mobile home restoration

The Wanderer was last used in 1960 but thanks to donations made by descendants of Dr. Stable, the vintage mobile home restoration was completed.

new home of the worlds oldest mobile home and vintage mobile home restoration

Of course, this wasn’t the first mobile home or caravan to exist, but it is known as the oldest still in existence. Beverley Larion, of the Caravan Club, told the DailyMail: ‘We would prefer to keep it at the Caravan Club rather than in a storage facility so our members can enjoy it. It’s the most beautiful display of craftsmanship internally, and the upholstery is all original.’

I’m glad people care enough to see that beautiful vintage mobile home restorations like this are possible. It’s a great lesson on the history of mobile homes. You can read more about the world’s oldest mobile home here.

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  • Rena November 17, 2013 4:13 am

    Mahogany must have been heavy, the two horses hauling over the mountains were strong!

    • Crystal Adkins November 18, 2013 12:33 am

      I thought of that when I saw that picture, too. With the size of the home and with the piano and furnishings, it would have to be heavy. Poor horses were probably pretty tired by the end of the day!

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