Interior Designers’ Mobile Home Remodeling Photos

I love when I find really awesome mobile home remodeling photos! I love the idea of taking an older mobile home and making it brand new again, without using too much money.

That’s exactly what one professional interior designer did to her double wide in Oregon. Charmaine Manley is a licensed interior designer that owns Charmaine Manley Design. Her family purchased an older model double wide mobile home in the high desert with a view of the mountains. The property had everything she wanted: acreage, views, privacy and no mortgage but the house sitting on the land left a lot to be desired for an interior designer. No worries though, she remodeled the double wide mobile home! All of these mobile home remodeling photos were found on a blog called High Desert Diva, you should definitely go there and read all the juicy details of the remodel.

On her blog she gives details of the remodel, stating, “We hired a crew to Sheetrock over the existing paneling and then we coated the walls and ceiling with both low VOC (Devine) and zero VOC (Yolo) paints. We ripped out the germ-riddled plush carpeting and laid Eco-Timber solid bamboo flooring (using a non-toxic glue) throughout the entire house. We tore out (and recycled) aluminum slider windows, replacing them with energy efficient ones. We re-purposed antique furniture into a vanity sink cabinet and linen closets rather than buying new pieces. The kitchen cabinets were purchased from a company who offered a green line of cabinetry. Paperstone (counter tops made using 100% recycled paper and a non-toxic resin) was installed in the kitchen. Ten of the light fixtures we installed were found at second hand stores or purchased off Craigslist. We salvaged, reused and re-purposed many items making our remodel as green as we could afford, and as beautiful as possible….and we paid cash.”

Here is her mobile home remodeling photos, before and after the remodel:

Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
The bathroom remodel is one that all us owners of older mobile homes can relate to. Most bathrooms are hideous and dark.
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
The kitchen was hidden behind the wall on the before photo. They simply opened the area by bringing the wall out 3 feet and making it a half wall:The dining area in the original mobile home had a built in cabinet. I’ve seen a lot of those in my day and always wondered why the manufacturer felt the need to provide us homeowners with furniture that couldn’t be moved. What were they thinking?
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos
Interior Designers Mobile Home Remodeling Photos

The double wide siding was painted and the wood stained. This dramatically changed the appearance, it is amazing what a little paint and stain can do! That should always be your first change as it is usually the least expensive and the most dramatic. Don’t use cheap paint though, it will usually take more coats and more paint to get the coverage of the higher priced paint. Just trust me on that!

I love these mobile home remodeling photos and think it’s one of the most inspiring transformations I’ve ever seen. The complete change is amazing and the colors she used are right up my alley. Warm neutrals can provided just as much punch as bright colors if you use the right shade.

Thank you for reading Mobile & Manufactured Home Living!

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  1. RV Roof Leaks says

    Thanks for sharing this marvelous idea, its quite handy to renovate old mobile homes.

  2. Rubber Roofing says

    Great Article!

  3. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Stacie,

    I don't think there would be any local laws that would prevent you
    from doing it. I know here in WV all you have to do is get the permits
    in order for the construction and that just means you go to the city
    hall and apply for it and pay the fee. Usually, if you live within
    city limits you will need to get permits and inspections, if you live
    out in the country you may have the legal right to do anything you
    want to your home without any problem.

    Call your city hall and ask them since each town has different rules
    regarding remodeling. They will know exactly what you need. Then
    again, you could always do it without all the hassle (I can't
    recommend you do that, but its an option). Good luck!

  4. stacie says

    I was wondering if you had any information on whether or not a person can leagally convert a dining room into a 3rd bedroom in a mobile home. I'm in WI and cannot find any info anywhere. Thank you for your time

  5. CrystalMHL says


    Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! It made my day to
    know that this blog helped to inspire you.. I wanted it to be a place
    where people could get the attention their gorgeous
    mobile/manufactured homes deserved and to inspire the ones just
    starting to remodel and update.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with, I just know it will be
    gorgeous and your gonna love it when your finished (with the biggest
    part, I don't think anyone ever gets completely
    you so very much, you have put a big ole smile on my face for the day!

  6. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Jen,
    I've never been to TX but if I find myself close to you I will
    certainly stop by! Just email me if you have any questions or need
    some advise ( I have a master
    plumber and construction guru here 24/7, he's a handy guy to have and I know a little bit about a lot of different things.
    Ever hear of \”Jack of all trades and master of none? That's so me!
    Good Luck and take some photos for us to see..we always love to share!

  7. Jen says

    Can you come to texas and help us!

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