1952 Ventoura Mobile Home Remodel

Some people have the coolest stuff! Diane, a writer and blogger at the wonderfully entertaining blog called ‘Tales From a Sears House‘ is one of those people. She has an eye for detail and naturally surrounds herself with unique items.  Diane, and her husband Doug, not only live in a 1939 Sears Kit House but they also own a vintage mobile home. Oh, and they have really cool collections of vintage cameras and picnic baskets along with other unique home decor and furnishings. There are neat things all around them!

Vintage Mobile Home Remodel – Beach Style

One of the couple’s cool things, the mobile home, received a complete remodel. Astonishingly, the couple somehow completely transformed the Ventoura mobile home in less than two years.  Diane mentions buying the home and land for around $38,000 on June 29, 2012, and you can see by the photos that they wasted little time. The home has been completely updated and remodeled and is a beautiful example of the endless possibilities that mobile homes have.

The setting couldn’t be more beautiful or perfectly situated. The property directly borders a picturesque wetland and yet the ocean is only one block away. Diane states the property sits in Kitts Hummock, a sleepy rural area on the Delaware Bay.

Here’s the vintage mobile home before the remodel:

Property bordering delaware wetlands

Vintage ventoura mobile home remodel

Ventoura mobile home before exterior

Below you can see the enclosed porch that sits on the opposite side of the addition.

Attached porch on mobile home

The couple’s main priority on June 29, 2012, was to replace the shingles on the addition and paint both the interior and exterior. Of course, as in any vintage mobile home remodel, even the smallest of projects can lead to a whole lot more. Still, the couple handled the entire remodel like champs, making the impossible possible time and time again.

The Heart of the Home

Kitchens are the heart of any home, especially in many mobile home designs. Many mobile home layouts put the kitchen in the middle of the home. This layout is usually coupled with a nearby bathroom which allows for a simple plumbing system to support both rooms. Ventoura used a similar design in 1952 when they built this home.

Doug and Diane were able to gut the entire kitchen and replace practically everything in the room, including the plumbing for less than $1000.

Kitchen gutted in mobile home remodel

Replumbing old mobile home Replumbing mobile home

Kitchen remodel

They replaced everything; beadboard walls, countertops,  sink, appliances and ceiling. The end result is amazing!

Kitchen remodel 2

Kitchen after remodel

Kitchen in vintage mobile home remodel

Kitchen in mobile home remodel

Vintage mobile home remodel - kitchen after

Living Room Love

The addition on the mobile home serves as a living room. A small window opening between the kitchen and living room helps connect and open up the space. Here’s the living room when they first purchased the home:

Mobile home interior remodel before

Ventoura mobile home interior before

And here’s the living room after:

Living room remodel in mobile home

Living and dining room after paint and update

Cozy mobile home

Living room in vintage mobile home

Dashing Dining Room

The dining room is at the end of the mobile home, where the living room would normally be had the addition not been built. Here you can see the space when the couple first purchased the home and then after they completely gutted it.

Ventoura mobile home living room before complete remodel

Interior of mobile home gutted

The dining room after Diane and Doug performed their DIY magic:

Dining room after remodel

Vintage mobile home makeover and remodel

Beautiful Bedroom

Since this is a 1952 Ventoura mobile home space is fairly limited. These homes were built to be transported easily and conveniently. The bedroom layout is very typical of an early 1950’s model mobile home – small but with ample storage. Here’s the bedroom before the makeover:

Mobile home bedroom before remodel

The bedroom after the makeover:

Bedroom after mobile home makeover


The bathroom also received a grand remodel!

Bathroom mobile home makeowver

Bathroom remodel in mobile home

Bathroom remodel


The enclosed porch also got a makeover.

Enclosed porch on mobile home madeover

Extremely Awesome Exterior

Last, by certainly not least, is the exterior of the home. As we saw in the first few images, the home was painted in a calm cream and surrounded by overgrown vegetation. The brush was cleaned up and the entire property got a couple coats of paint. The finished look is certainly indicative of the beach!

Here’s the home during its exterior transformation:

Mobile home exterior makeover

Ventoura mobile home makeover porch

And after the home was painted and the skirting was installed:

Vintage mobile home makeover

Ventoura mobile home update

Vintage mobile home makeover

Here are a few other photos I found from “Tales from a Sears Home.” It’s obvious this couple is very talented in photography, collecting neat stuff like cameras and mobile homes, and remodeling those mobile homes.

The vintage camera collection on display in the couple’s Sears kit home:

Vintage camera collection

The kitchen inside the Sears home:

1939 sears kit home

The ocean close to the mobile home:

Ocean close to mobile home

Ventoura vintage mobile home remodel

This is such a great vintage mobile home remodeling story! Not only is the end result amazing but it’s a great example of the endless possibilities that a vintage mobile home has. Plus, this is about as close to a mobile home jackpot as one can find – fine home, great location, and was bought at a great price.

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All images are the property of ‘Tales from a Sears Home.” Please be sure to go visit the blog. Diane posts about all kinds of great treasures and experiences.  There’s lots more images and stories about the remodel over there, plus a lot of neat projects they do – there’s something for everyone!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living! 

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