Vintage Mobile Home Restoration: Sensational 1955 Smoker Aristocrat

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  1. Thank you for this mobile home restoration. I have been looking online for a mobile home I grew up in as all our pictures have been lost. This mobile home is as close as it gets, such good memories.

  2. I use Pledge restoring oil on the wood floor. Spray it on heavy then use a scrub brush to work the oil in. Let it soak over night then wipe off the excess with an old t-shirt. Turns out great!

  3. If I can’t get my hands on a clean 1953 New Moon, then, one like this would work!!!! Very nice.

  4. I was told that my home was made by the Mennonites of Indiana so I googled “Mennonites and the smoker lumber co.” I found that Jacob Smoker was the founder of the smoker lumber co. which made the smoker mobile home. Mennonites are very fine carpenters. I luv my home.

  5. Great to see your home. I currently live in a 1955 8×45 smoker. Very well built. I have the shower door if you need it. I`m sure you have found the hidden doors upfront.

  6. I’m 65 retired live in a simple plain rv. Your rv is called home, even thru the pictures its warm loveable…beautiful.

  7. Wow this is great. I am buying a 1963 Smoker, 10 x 44. It needs a lot of work but looks a like this one so great ideas! Thank you.

  8. This is a great restore. I just had the pleasure of buying a 1955 mobile home. Owner bought it in 1986 and remained in it for 30 years. I do have to make major changes as walls were painted and windows do no function. Converting from gas to all electric or possible propane as the main gas line is rusted. Live in CA so regulations will be darling to adhere to. Hopefully I can share my restore here.

  9. Thank you SO much for this story. I recently finished an update/remodel/refresh on a 1963 Lakeview. I was so happy to see that the Smoker Aristocrat had kept the original cabinets and the original wall vent system over the cooktop…me too! It is sometimes hard to find people who will work with the original design integrity of the space. It is OK,I think, to make compromises but make sure that those compromises are your idea and in the best interest of the space. Too many contractors and other workers just want to take the easiest and fastest route. (That is, gut the inside and replace with big box “design.” Usually expensive and tedious!)And Remember: contact paper on the inside of a cabinet is a nightmare but it can and will come off…eventually.

    1. Thanks Sarah! That’s the cutest little house – I love the idea of Airbnb and can’t wait to get to use it!

      I’ve removed the email signup form for now (it wasn’t cooperating with some code) but I’ll add your email manually, just confirm the subscription via email when you get it.

      Thanks so much!

  10. This is a beautiful home! The time and love that they put into it really shows. Now I have to re-watch the movie. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’m looking more to a redoing a 1962 paramount trailer I’ve not been able to find any ideas for it if you can help me thanks a big bunch I’m living in the trailer so I can do one room at a time I’m 62 years old and. Missed a lot here I’m sure

    1. Hi Gaby!

      Thanks so much for visiting! I’m assuming your Paramount is a single wide so I created this link for you to look around and find some inspiration:

      To be honest, paint is always the easiest the most affordable way to update a mobile home. Don’t forget about the ceilings – fresh white ceilings make a huge difference.

      After painting, I think new floors are the next best update. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. We put the cheapest flooring Lowe’s had (I think it was around .79 square foot) all through our house and I love it. It’s held up great too! If you want to go all out, maybe add some trim or molding around your ceiling and floors – it seems to bring a room together.

      I think you’ll find at least one or two homes that you like on the link above. Find that one you like most and then do your best to recreate it in your own home. Good luck!

      1. Hi wondering if anyone has replaced a furnace. Our 1958 has no heating and grills have all been covered with new floor

    1. Hi Deborah! I think the owners were still working on the bathroom or just didn’t have photos but they have finished a few more projects and said I could do an update. I just need to get going on it!

      Thanks so much for supporting MMHL – I appreciate you!

  12. Oh my goodness! You guys did a FABULOUS job on this home. First of all you picked a gem. The front end is just darling. The materials and furnishings fit with their surroundings perfectly, and I just love that you’ve incorporated pieces from your childhoods into your home. The outcome is a testament to your devotion to one another and to creating a peaceful and serene living space.

  13. All I can say is wow and kept on saying that throughout this spread. Truly kept to the 50’s style and colours. Love the curtains, love the checkerboard kitchen tiles, really suits the place. Love everything about this trailer and Steve and Mike, you should be sooooooo proud of your lovely work! Truly an inspiration to others. GREAT job.
    Victoria, BC

  14. The first thing I saw inside was the boomerang-shaped coffee table! Yep! It’s the ’50s!

    Every item was carefully chosen, from the shell pottery in the living room to the dishware in the kitchen to the bedspread in the bedroom.

    Loved it!