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15 Great Mobile Home Remodels

A good mobile home remodel can change your entire home. Whether it be a kitchen remodel, exterior update, or total home transformation, each one can increase the comfort and value of your home. These 15 mobile home remodels will inspire and help prove that mobile homes can be just as gorgeous as any site-built home.

You are Gonna Love These 15 Mobile Home Remodels

We know it can be a bit overwhelming to look through the 680 articles here on Mobile Home Living so we like to create lists like this that are easy to digest and fun to look at.

These 15 mobile home remodels will certainly inspire you when you are ready to tackle your own mobile home remodeling project.

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards for awesome mobile home decor and improvement ideas.

1. $500 Single Wide Goes Retro 

First up in our best mobile home remodels is this 1968 Landola Single Wide remodel from Kirk in Michigan. This affordable vintage mobile home remodel is nothing short of amazing! You can see more about his gorgeous remodel here: $500 Single Wide Goes Retro With Affordable Mobile Home Remodel.

Retro single wide beforePin
Retro single wide living room afterPin
Mobile home remodels-retro kitchen afterPin
Love the chicken wire on the cabinet door.

2. A Gorgeous Double Wide Makeover

Our next mobile home makeover will inspire anyone who is looking to live debt-free. Melodie and her husband decided to sell their stick-built home and buy a mobile home with the cash, and boy are they glad they did! Within three months of purchasing their double wide, Melodie had a Marvelous Manufactured Home Makeover that we fell in love with.

Gorgeous double wide makeover kitchen beforePin
Mobile home remodels-gorgeous double wide makeover kitchen afterPin
The tin backsplash is a great addition.
Gorgeous double wide makeover living room beforePin
Mobile home remodels-gorgeous double wide makeover living room afterPin
Light and bright describe it now.

3. Epic Washington Single Wide Remodel

Sometimes a mobile home remodeling project can seem a little overwhelming. For instance, this 1979 Single Wide Remodel, which required not only interior updates but exterior updates as well. The family did an outstanding job turning this older mobile home into a vacation getaway spot for their family.

Epic wa single wide exterior beforePin
Mobile home remodels-epic wa single wide exterior afterPin
Look at it now!
Epic wa single wide interior beforePin
Mobile home remodels-epic wa single wide interior afterPin
A fresh coat of paint and it looks like a new room.

4. Complete Double Wide Transformation

It’s not just the interior of an older mobile home that can use an update. Next, in 15 Great Mobile Home Remodels, is this exterior mobile home remodel that shows what effect remodeling the exterior of your mobile home can do for its looks!

Complete double wide transformation beforePin
Mobile home remodels complete double wide transformation during | mobile home livingPin
Placing a roof over the current roof changes the look and protects the home.
Mobile home remodels-complete double wide transformation afterPin
It looks totally different!

5. Another Awesome Texas Mobile Home Remodel

This single wide home is a prime example of what potential can be found in a mobile home. What started as a single wide mobile home used on weekends was transformed into a modern full-time home with some help from some inspired architects.

Awesome texas mobile home before remodelPin
Awesome texas mobile home after remodelPin
Mobile home remodels-texas remodel interior afterPin
Love the window overlooking that beautiful tree.

6. My Heart’s Song is Beautifully Sung

Our next mobile home remodel is one of our all-time favs and her blog is just as inspiring as her beautiful single wide mobile home remodel. Geneva’s blog, A Heart’s Song, shares lots of great information about their home remodel so be sure to click around. You can read Geneva’s interview here and here.

15 great mobile home remodels - my hearts song bedroom remodelPin
Geneva’s bedroom is gorgeous!

7. California Dream: A Divine Double Wide

A gorgeous couple with an internationally acclaimed photography business bought a double wide and the results are amazing! The before and after shots of their mobile home remodel tells the story better than I can. You can read their interview here and here.

Divine mobile home interior beforePin
Mobile home remodels-divine interior after 2Pin
Color is the name of the game in this remodel.
Mobile home remodels-divine interior afterPin
Love how open the home is now.

8. Owners Turn a Standard Double Wide Into the Home of Their Dreams

This double wide remodel is one that was 25 years in the making. The couple purchased the mobile home back in 1991 and have gradually completed updates and upgrades, including log siding and custom interior woodworking. This complete double wide remodel is one that will amaze you!

Standard double wide exterior afterPin
Mobile home remodels-standard double wide living room afterPin
Real wood floors throughout.
Mobile home remodels-standard double wide dining room afterPin
Attention to detail makes this a beautiful mobile home.

9. This Single Wide is Marvelously Modern Traditional

We stumbled upon this single wide mobile home remodel a few years ago, and we fell in love with the transformation. Designer Michael Biondo turned a basic single wide mobile home into a light and airy beach-ready home for his client.

Fl single wide beforePin
Fl -single wide afterPin
Mobile home remodels-single wide interior beforePin
This kitchen is small but functional.
Mobile home remodels-single wide interior afterPin
So nice and airy now.

10. DIY Remodel Transforms a Mobile Home Kitchen

One of the most popular rooms in a mobile home to renovate is the kitchen. This great 1971 Skyline kitchen remodel shows us what can be done on a budget of less than $3,000. The entire kitchen was completely updated.

Mobile home kitchen remodel  beforePin
Mobile home kitchen before 2Pin
Mobile home remodels-kitchen afterPin
Replaced the stove eyes and wall oven with a stove.
Mobile home remodels-kitchen after 2Pin
Look at the built-in now.

11. An Inspired DIY Mobile Home Remodel

What we loved about this Texas Blogger’s DIY manufactured home remodel is that they took their time and didn’t stretch themselves too thin financially during their remodeling process. They have completed big and small projects as time and money allowed over the years and are slowly making their mobile home their dream home.

Diy flooring projects in mobile home beforePin
Mobile home remodels-diy interior afterPin
Love the open storage space.
Single wide manufactured home exterior afterPin

12. 1995 Double Wide Remodel

This inspiring remodeling story showcases DeDe’s beautiful 1995 double wide remodel and how one woman found herself downsizing unexpectedly. She, along with her contractor, did a beautiful job of updating this 90’s mobile home and making it accessible for an older owner such as DeDe.

1995 double wide kitchen beforePin
Mobile home remodels-1995 double wide kitchen afterPin
Those countertops are gorgeous.
Mobile home remodels-1995 double wide exterior aftrPin
Landscaping can make a huge difference in a home.

13.  A Total DIY Single Wide Transformation

Sometimes, you just want to start with a clean slate and create your own home sweet home. Guy’s $21,000 single wide transformation did precisely that. The single wide was moved over 80 miles and then completely gutted and transformed into a whole new place.

Total diy mobile home exterior beforePin
Mobile home remodels-total diy exterior afterPin
The finished product.
Total diy mobile home remodel interior beforePin
Mobile home remodels-total diy interior afterPin
Love this kitchen.
Mobile home remodels-total diy bathroom afterPin
Check out those boards on the wall.

14. Fabulous Single Wide Remodel

Turning an older mobile home into your dream home can be a huge task. These owners not only took on the job but completed an extreme single wide home remodel that turned out beautifully.

Extreme mobile home makeover interiorPin
Mobile home remodels-extreme interior afterPin
This kitchen is amazing.
Mobile home remodels-extreme interior after 2Pin
So tastefully done.

15. Country Cottage Mobile Home Remodels Prove Potential

Last but certainly not least, in our 15 great mobile home remodels list, is Chantal’s Chic Country Cottage remodel. This double wide shows us that what makes a home special is adding the owner’s own personal style to the home. A gorgeous combination of warm and rustic, this home is full of country charm.

Mobile home remodels-chantal kitchenPin
Wonderful combination of colors and texture.
Mobile home remodels-chantal dining roomPin
The couple made the table themselves.
Mobile home remodels-chantal back deckPin
Even the patio shows Chantal’s decorating personality.

These 15 Great Mobile Home Remodels are nice examples of the potential that can be found in a mobile home. There are hundreds more to be found by visiting Mobile Home Living and use our search option to find anything from kitchen, bathroom, porch, to total mobile home remodels. You may also want to check out Mobile Home Remodeling: The Ultimate Guide brought to you by our friends at the Mobile Home Parts Store. It’s full of great information as well!

Have a question or comment about one of our remodels? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

Kim Alley

Kim Alley

Kim Alley has been a part of Mobile Home Living since 2017 and has written over 300 articles for the site.

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  1. We own a 1994 Fleetwood Eagle Trace bought brand new, and have paid off. We are in a community at the moment v t are looking for land to move home onto and expand, as we need more square feet. I was thinking about using shipping containers as modular additions, best t have not found any stories on the web of anyone having done these s. Is it feasible?

  2. Great articles as always! Just became a new grand pap to a little girl born 1/7/2020 and we are in California. Spring time in Florida will include new window installed – I will be checking your website for articles and advise on how to do it right. Will keep you updated as I proceed.

    1. Congratulations, Chuck!

      It’s always great to hear from you! Windows are one of my favorite updates to a home. They instantly improve the looks of a home inside and out. The energy savings are pretty awesome too!

      PS I would love to get ahold of some photos of a mobile home window installation from start to finish. That would be a huge help for articles.

      Enjoy that new grandbaby! They grow up too darn fast!

      1. Will get a series of the window install pictures for the article. Only if I have any “film” left from taking the grand daughter pictures.

  3. After gutting and remodeling my 1983 Palm Harbor double wide (including removing several walls) I learned that one of the assets any mobile home has is that you can create a wide open/clean slate allowing you to remove the old and add new features and your personality. Within the 5 years we have lived in the community of 338 homes approximately 25 % of the homes have been sold and remodeled. The result has been a great increase in market value – a real good investment. If I was 20 years younger – I would buy, remodel and sell as many as I could.

    1. Hi Chuck!

      The market is hot right now and that’s a good thing for everyone. Your spot on!

      Good to hear from you again! Hope all is well!

  4. Where is the best place to buy mobile home fixtures like faucets and kitchen sinks which we know are not a standard size drives me crazy with the whole size difference issues! I don’t mind ordering online and paying shipping however I can’t even find a decent place online. Shouldn’t there be someone that offers brochures or online catalogs to look at?

    1. Hi Debbie!

      To be completely honest, you’re best bet is to go ahead and buy from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Your faucets will just need a little retrofitting at most (an adaptor to connect the water supply lines). You should have no problem finding a faucet design that will work with your previous design and most of the better quality faucets will have a plate included to help you retrofit it if needed.

      Sinks are a bit different but you shouldn’t have too many issues finding a sink shape and size that will work in your countertop with minimal effort. At most, a little sawzalling and new clips will be all you need. I’ve never seen a mobile home specific faucet or sink used in a bathroom remodel – every one I’ve ever seen was bought from a big box store or ordered on Amazon.

      With that said, Mobile Home Parts Store seems to be the highest quality mobile home retail store in the nation. I’ve been impressed with their ethics and the people I have encountered over the years as an affiliate are top notch. Here’s a link

      Best of luck!


    We have 1999 Spirit DW. I would love to do a remodel, Especially our kitchen that has NO room and on the other side of that a wood fireplave. Any suggestions or who I might look up in Springfield MO

    1. Hi Jeneen,

      I’d call your local mobile home supply store and see if they have any recommendations. They’d know the people that come in for supplies best. Good luck!

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