Vagabond 1953 mobile home ad

1953 Mobile Homes

1953 mobile homes were so cool!

Here’s a video I put together with an alphabetized list of the most popular mobile home builders in 1953. The images were pulled from the 1953 Mobile Homes Yearbook published by the Trailer Coach Manufacturers Association. Enjoy!

1953 mobile homes - Yearbook Cover Page

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1953 mobile homes  - ATOMIC Hot Links Ft Benning GA 1953

1953 Glider Mobile Home 

The Glider’s new CaraCoach, called the Albatross had a lavatory, builtin cabinets, and a closet in the bathroom.

Here’s an advertisement for a 1953 Glider.

1953 Glider Mobile Home

1953 Vagabond Advertisement

The 1953 Vagabond was 41′ long! Its iconic shape, with the curved rear, is gorgeous!

Like the Airstream and Spartan, the 1953 Vagabond had metal framing. It had higher ceilings than the prior years model than most 1953 mobile homes.

One of the most prominent features in the Vagabonds was their floor heating system.

1953 mobile homes - Vagabond 1953 mobile home ad

v - 1953 Vagabond 41'

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