Spartan Royal Mansion Exterior

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  1. Hello,
    Our names are Joyce and Debby. We are two single women over the age of 60 who are looking for two vintage trailers to restore and make into our own homes. WE prefer to have just the shell and ideally, we would love to have a couple of airstreams. We live in WA state so would need to arrange transportation to our site for restoration as well. We both are wanting to have at least 31 feet of space.
    My daughter and son in law are looking to purchase a sizable piece of property and have invited us to bring our “tiny” homes and live on their property with them where they will assist us as we continue to age.
    I understand that your company deals in used/vintage trailers and we wanted to reach out to see if you could help with finding something suitable for each of our needs.
    Thank you,
    Joyce Barron
    (253) 863-8958
    (I can’t always answer, but please leave a message if you call and I will call back as soon as I am able.)