Awesome 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion Remodel

Those that take the time and money to renovate and remodel vintage mobile homes are my favorite kind of people.  Bringing back the past is not an easy thing to do especially if you try to be as original as possible. Those that do this work, that takes the time and money to renovate a vintage mobile home, and bring it back to its glory, are doing us all a favor – we should never forget our past and let’s face it, vintage mobile homes are awesome!

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This 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion was renovated by a contractor in Minnesota that owns his own company called Randal’s Remodeling. You can see more photos of the renovation along with Randal’s notes on his website. He renovated the Spartan as a personal project.

A Look at the Spartan Before the Remodel

Below is what the Spartan looked like when he first purchased it. He writes that he sent the owner half the money without even laying eyes on the Spartan. While that’s not a recommended way of purchasing anything, it worked out fine in his case.

The previous owners had painted and wallpapered over the Spartan’s original birch paneling. Luckily for us, Randall wanted to remodel the mobile home as closely as possible back to its original beauty. He did a fine job!

1955 spartan imperial mansion before renovation randals hobbies

Interior of 1955 spartan before renovation

After completely gutting the interior and re-wiring he began insulating and adding birch paneling which is what the original Spartan’s had.

Renovating a 1955 spartan

During renovation of 1955 spartan

Interior being renovated in 1955 spartan

Interior renovation of 1955 spartan 2

Staining the birch paneling on spartan renovation

Interior of 1955 spartan imerial mansion after renovation

The Completed 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion After the Interior Remodel

Birch paneling in 1955 spartan after renovation

Interior of 1955 spartan imperial mansion after renovation

1955 spartan renovation after

The exterior was also refurbished:

1955 spartan imperial mansion exterior renovation

1955 spartan imperial mansion exterior

Once the Spartan was placed Randall built a screened in porch for the mobile home:

Screened in porch being built onto a 1955 spartan

Screened in porch on 1955 spartan renovation

Porch added to 1955 spartan

1955 exterior renovation of 1955 spartan

Randall did a wonderful job on the renovation and now has a fine vacation or hunting cabin in a beautiful wood setting. He also did us all a favor because there’s one more beautiful vintage mobile home, a 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion no less, in the world.

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