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Ways to Keep Your RV Clean with Kids in It

RVing with kids is an excellent way for your family to travel nationwide without dealing with hotel fees, airport lines, and luggage mishaps. Your children will enjoy driving down the highway with their house.  And you’ll relish the opportunity to show your country to your family. RVing with kids is similar to taking a family road trip. 

If you aren’t prepared, road trips can result in cranky kids and exhausted parents. This article will assist you in reducing the likelihood of stressful or unexpected situations, having a wonderful family vacation, and making the most of your RV rental. Here are some ways to keep your RV clean with kids in it while having fun during the trip.

Install Ingenious Toy Storage Solutions

Toys are the scourge of the presence of anybody who has ever lived in a tiny space with children. Having stepped on a Barbie shoe or LEGO is never a pleasant experience, and tripping over relatively larger items is equally inconvenient.

The best solution to this problem is to give your children a fast and simple way to put their belongings away. Keeping it all organized during the cleanup process is advantageous because it eliminates the need to empty the entire bin of toys in search of a single item.

Do you have any idea how to go about doing this? A clear-pocket shoe organizer is the best solution we’ve identified. Mount this on a door or the wall to arrange Barbie accessories, LEGO bricks, and other items. Do you need to store larger items? Consider adding some bin bags to your toy storage arsenal. These hang on the wall and, despite their low profile, can hold quite a bit.

Cushions Should Be Covered

A dinette with cushioned seating is standard in many RVs. This appears to be logical. After all, who wouldn’t like to be comfortable while eating? The issue is that children are sloppy. This is especially true when children are eating, which can result in severely stained upholstery.

Hence, RVers with children are strongly advised to cover their dinette cushions. They can be wrapped with clear vinyl to keep the trailer’s current appearance or encased with a print to establish a new look.

Some parents even use baby bed sheets as detachable dinette covers that can be washed repeatedly. In contrast, others remove the dinette completely and substitute it with a conventional table and chairs. Having the right vacuum can make cleaning your RV easier, especially if kids have the habit messing things up during meal times. So invest in a quality vacuum cleaner before you go on your tour.

Buckle Up

Don’t be frightened to let the children watch a film on a tablet while they’re buckled in. Yes, even though your Class A motorhome provides all of the amenities of a residence on wheels, kids must always wear seat belts or use a car seat when the RV is in motion. There’s really no shame in watching PAW Patrol for a few hours if it keeps your five-year-old entertained and safe from point A to point B.

Make Plans for Rainy Days

No matter how well you organize your RV family journey, you can’t manipulate the weather. But, thankfully, you can prepare for that as well! Bring a selection of board games or even video games. When renting an RV, look for one that includes a multiplayer game system or a board game selection. You’ll thank yourself for the extra effort on rainy days when you’re stuck inside with the kids!

Make New Friends While Keeping the Old

Meeting people is one of the most challenging and accessible aspects of RV living with children. While spending a great time together as a family is a significant boon of this lifestyle, children and adults require the company of others. 

When visiting an RV campground or park, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet other families. Walking through the camping ground, spending quality time at the play area, or swimming in the pool are all excellent ways to meet new people. You can also link with other parents online through agencies like Fulltime Families to see who would be in the neighborhood before you arrive!

Keep in touch with any friends you and your children make. It’s amazing how tiny the RV community is and just how often you run into the same folks on your journeys. Adults can use social media to maintain connections, and kids can just use apps like Messenger Kids to keep in touch with friends.

Separate the Children Now and Then

As previously stated, one of the benefits of RV living is the opportunity to spend quality time with family. However, too much of a good thing can cause problems. Separate kids from time to time for keeping fighting at bay and give siblings some one-on-one time with a parent. Take one of your children on a special outing while the other(s) remain at home with your partner. Inspire your children to read a novel or play independently every now and then. Do your best, even so, to ensure everybody has their own space and can do their own stuff if they need a break from their sisters and brothers.

Have Fun Together

Don’t forget the most important aspect of your family vacation: having fun together. Allow the children to be children and marvel at how they perceive the world. One night, lie underneath the stars together and enjoy a S’more, even if the marshmallow might be a little burnt.

Hope you’ve got all your answers. Now, it’s time to go out for the tour!

Have a nice journey!

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