Choosing the right backsplash is a lot easier when you can see exactly how it will look in your home. That’s why we’ve collected over 30 beautiful backsplashes in mobile homes only.

Installing a new backsplash can completely change the look of your kitchen. It’s also one of the best DIY projects for a beginner.

In addition to dozens of photos of backsplashes in mobile homes, we’ve found a few tips and resources to help you choose the right material for your backsplash and how to get the best results if you plan on installing it yourself.

Glass Tile Backsplashes

Glass tiles are a great way to add color and sleekness to your kitchen walls. Like all tile, there are endless colors, designs, and sizes to choose from but they are more expensive than the ceramic and porcelain tiles.

A new trend in backsplashes is to install tile all the way to the ceiling and that’s exactly what this double wide manufactured homeowner has done.

Glass Tile on kitchen walls
Glass tiles in Stack Bond design create a modern look. (Source: Zillow, sold)

Pattern Can Make all the Difference

The majority of tiled backsplashes you will see are in the stretcher bond or stack bond design. Changing the pattern of tile can give you an entirely new look for the backsplash. Add a different color of grout and you have even more design combinations to choose from. Play around and sample the designs on the floor to see which one you find most appealing and easy to install.

Tile Backsplash Designs

This double wide for sale in California has gray cabinets that allow the small glitter backsplash to be the star of the show. Using the same tile on a small accent wall just makes it even better. Metallic tiles are a popular trend for bathrooms but it also works well for kitchens as you can see.

173 Riesling Cir Yountville CA00014
Source: Zillow

Tiles are available in a variety of sizes and colors that are a great option for a kitchen. Natural colors like gray, tan, and cream create a warm and inviting kitchen.

Modern Manufactured Home Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Backsplash With Glass Tile

Darker cabinets and lighter backsplashes are a popular combination.

1033 Lake Dr Windsor CA 275K Redfin00001
Longer tiles in a Stack Bond design is a simple yet beautiful combination. (Source: Zillow)

Small Patterns are Best

Since the average height of a backsplash is only 18″ interior designers recommend using small patterns or pieces. American Tin Ceilings suggests using no more than a 6″ pattern so you get at least a 3 pattern vertical repeat. In the areas where you see more of the backsplash, like above the sink and stove, you’ll get more of a vertical repeat. This repeats will help make the space between the cabinet and counter appear higher which can make a small kitchen feel a little larger.

Fully Remodeled Manufactured Home In San Fran Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplash 1
The most popular subway tiles are 6″ by 3″ and white and installed in the Stretcher Bond design. (Source: Facebook, sold)

To give white subway tile custom look the homeowner below installed two gray rows to their backsplash. It’s a great way to add color to a kitchen.

updated single wide-kitchen after
Updating the kitchen cabinets and adding a backsplash gave this kitchen a new look.

Jim and Connie Fickel struggled due to the great recession and had to sell their site-built home in 2010. They used to revenue to buy a 1991 Fleetwood triple wide for $59,000. Six years later things were going so well that Connie was able to design her dream kitchen, a modern traditional with

grey glass subway tile backsplash in mobile home

These next two photos show the before and after results of a kitchen remodel on a 1988 Skyline double wide in California. Chris Curcuru and Ron Kvale created this manufactured home interior design masterpiece using marble countertops and white subway tile.

Malibu Million Dollar Mobile Home Marble Counter And Tile Backsplash Before And After
2017 4603 Balfour Rd 23 Brentwood Ca00010 1

Jeff and Felicia French remodeled their 1997 Buccaneer single wide in gorgeous French cottage design. The Louisiana couple used Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to create this classic white kitchen. They only paid $50 for 300 subway tiles and installed them in a stack bond pattern.

Fabulous French Mobile Home Kitchen With White Tile Backsplash

Grout is Game-Changer

These next manufactured homes have subway tiles with contrasting grout. The first mobile home kitchen has white cabinets with a green tile and white grout that pulls it all together. FYI: Most tile experts recommend a minimum of 3/16″ grout joint size. 

Subway Tile kitchen
Subway tiles are a popular backsplash choice.

The other kitchens have white subway tile with darker gray or black grout. It’s such a simple difference that creates a whole new look. Using a contrasting grout color gives the backsplash more prominence and grabs your attention. It’s a beautiful example of symmetry and balance.

This double wide manufactured home was found on an Instagram profile HudsonFarmhouse and the kitchen is absolutely beautiful! The beaded cabinet doors, hammered copper apron sink, and stone flooring are stunning.

Hudsonfarmhouse Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen With Backsplash N

This next kitchen is another gorgeous double wide that we’ll be featuring soon. The granite countertop and white subway tile with a contrasting grout color are one of the most popular combinations in recent years.

1982 Kaufman Broad Home System Double Wide Kitchen00002 1

A California mobile home park known for its vintage mobile homes is installing new single wide manufactured homes like the one below. This small home has a light gray subway tile with white grout.

Samples are Smart

Before changing the color of a room experts recommend you paint a large swatch on a wall and live with it for a week or two. You can also do the same with your backsplash. Most suppliers offer samples. If you are ordering materials online it’s especially smart to buy a few pieces to ensure the quality and colors are the same as the online photos.

Patterned Tiles

This double wide was for sale in California. It’s a combination of several popular materials and styles. The backsplash is a floral design that follows the repeating vertical pattern trick mentioned above. At the highest distance between counter and cabinet, you can see 4 repeating patterns.

Palm Spring Double Wide Manufactured Home For Sale 253 Suez St1
Source: Zillow (sold)

Mosaic Tile

A mosaic is several smaller pieces of tile organized into a pattern or design.

Mosaics have been used since 3000 BC and they’ve been popular ever since because it’s cheap and easy to find broken tiles. The double wide below, found on HGTV’s old Rate my Space blog, is a perfect example of a mosaic tile backsplash design.

Examples Of Backsplashes In Mobile Homes Mosaic Tile

Stone and Brick Backsplash Options

Brick has become one of the most popular backsplashes in mobile homes thanks to its diversity. You can use real stone as Chantal did in her beautiful double wide manufactured home below. She chose natural tan and brown bricks to give her kitchen texture and color. See the rest of Chantal’s home here.

Beautiful Backsplashes In Mobile Homes Stone Brick

Kathleen Seide created a beautiful cottage style manufactured home kitchen with a smaller stone tile backsplash. The warm colors are perfectly paired with sealed wood countertops and cream cabinetry.

Kathleen Seide Cottage Style Manufactured Home Kitchen Remodels With Stone Backsplash

This last stone backsplash has a tile focal point over the stove as well as a glass tile row about 6″ above the counter. It’s a good example of mixing textures and designs. You can see the rest of the Fleetwood double wide mobile home here.

Fleetwood Manufactured Home Makeover Kitchen With Stone Backsplash

How to Install a Backsplash

It would be difficult to include how-to instructions for every type of backsplash mentioned here so I’m sharing the best resources I’ve found to help you get started on your research. First is a video from Home Depot titled How to Install a Tile Backsplash. There is more information on the subject from Home Depot here.

Backsplashes Made with Paneling

Paneling comes in all kinds of designs, colors, and textures. Brick is a popular paneling style. Tileboard paneling, the sleek melamine covered MDF, is another one. Ashley used a standard red brick 4′ X 8′ paneling as the base of her beautiful farmhouse style mobile home kitchen backsplash. She then scraped drywall mud over the paneling to give it that worn weathered painted brick look. It’s affordable and easy to do. You can learn more about her backsplash on her Instagram here.


Tileboard Paneling

Pam and her husband purchased an older single wide that had a white tile board backsplash. Tileboard comes in 4′ X 8′ sheets and is just MDF with a melamine coating on top that is designed to look like 4″ square tiles. It’s very affordable and usually used on bathroom and kitchen walls. Pam figured out how to paint her tileboard and she shared the process with us here.

Painting Tile Board To Create New Backsplashes In Mobile Homes

Beadboard Paneling

This 1979 charming cottage style manufactured home has a painted beadboard backsplash. Beadboard paneling is an affordable material that can work in several places: walls, ceilings, cabinets, and backsplashes, especially if you are going for the cottage look.

Beadboard Backsplash In 1979 Charming Cottage Style Manufactured Home

HGTV has a great article along with photos on how to install new beadboard backsplash over tile here.

How To Install Beadboard Backsplash
Installing beadboard over an old tile backsplash. See the rest of the steps here (Source:

Metal and Tin Backsplashes in Mobile Homes

The greatest advantage to tin and metal backsplashes is the easy installation. All you really need are some cleaning supplies, tin snips, and liquid nail adhesive. Another advantage is the vast styles and designs available.

Looking to add some country charm to your kitchen? A cool choice that you might not have thought of, metal! Whether you go with corrugated metal or square tin tiles, either will make a statement in your kitchen.

Popular Tin Backsplash Patterns

As we mentioned above, designers like to use smaller patterns for backsplashes, especially if the kitchen is small. For a typical 18″ backsplash the ideal pattern or tile size is 6″ or less. These eight tin tiles are technically for ceilings but they make a great backsplash as well.

Tin Tile Patterns Great For Backsplash00001
Source: American Tin Ceilings

Copper Backsplashes are Unique

This is such a unique double wide mobile home kitchen I had to share it. The color combination of shiny copper and light sky blue is unusual but that’s what I like about it. It’s fun to be different!

Kitchen Before Manufactured Home Kitchen Renovation 1
Source: HGTV Rate my Space

Facade Tile Backsplashes

A plastic facade backsplash would be perfect if you want the look of copper, stainless, metal, ceramic, or stone without the price. Facade tiles are usually made of thermoplastic which makes them affordable, thin, and easy to install.

Peel And Stick Subway Tile Backsplashes In Mobile Homes

The Hallmark Channel Home & Family Show had a segment about facade backsplashes that you can watch here.

Peel and Stick Backsplashes in Mobile Homes

Peel and stick tile backsplashes in mobile homes can also be considered facades but most of us just call them peel and stick tiles. You can find these 12″ X 12″ sheets in dozens of colors and designs at all the home improvement stores along with Amazon. Here are a few we found:

Black And White Peel And Stick Mosiac Backsplash In Mobile Home Glen Bach
Black And White Peel And Stick Mosiac Backsplash In Mobile Home (Source: Glen Bach, Facebook)
280 Sudan Loop Pacheco Ca000031970
Source: Zillow (sold)

Peel and stick tiles come in a variety of patterns and styles. Depending on what you are looking for you can find a look to fit your kitchen decor theme.

Wood Backsplash Ideas

If you are really looking for a rustic or primitive country vibe for your kitchen, distressed pallet wood will be a great choice. You’d probably want to seal them really well but they look great and really pull a look together.

Ashley James has turned her 1997 Clayton double wide into a gorgeous farmhouse home. Her kitchen started with natural wood backsplash and then she painted it. New paint technology makes cleaning painted surfaces easier than it used to be.

1997 Clayton Double Wide Into A Gorgeous Farmhouse Home

This next single wide manufactured home kitchen was given a budget farmhouse makeover that is as unique as it is beautiful. The homeowner used an old picket fence as a backsplash. He also cut out the original mobile home cabinet doors and installed chicken wire to give it a true farmhouse look.

Painted Backsplashes in Mobile Homes

Want the look of a tile backsplash without the price? You can always use paint to create an illusion of a backsplash on your kitchen wall. We share details for this affordable DIY backsplash here.

Fake Mosaic Backsplash
If you are artistic this a great idea.

You don’t always need a backsplash. In fact, if you have a unique ceiling or countertop it’s often best to leave your walls plain so there aren’t too many textures, colors, or designs happening in one space.

We will be featuring this gorgeous farmhouse style single wide mobile home with aged tin ceilings in the near future. Until then, you can get a peek of her kitchen below. With the rustic tin ceiling and wood countertop, there’s no need for a backsplash. Paint is easy to clean and longlasting so you won’t need a slick backsplash surface.

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home With Painted Backsplash

Unique Backsplashes in Mobile Homes

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different tiles and designs. Some are more unique than others.

We recently featured this awesome coastal style 1988 Fuqua double wide manufactured home in Venice, Florida owned by Desirée and Todd. The backsplash wraps around the corner toward the hallway where there are more cabinets. Desirée loves to dive and fish in their boat so she got creative with the wrap-around backsplash by turning an Ogee Drop on it’s side to make it look like fish scales. So cool!

Beach Cottge Kitchen Backsplash That Looks Like Fish Scales

Using unique tile like this modern single wide remodel below is another great idea for a mobile home backsplash.

Modern Contemporary Tile In A Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen

These beautiful backsplashes in mobile homes are just a few of the countless options available. There are no limits to the textures, colors, patterns, and designs available to use as a backsplash. If you’re looking for even more inspiration here are 71 more backsplash ideas (though no manufactured homes are shown).

Get creative and give your kitchen a new look with a different backsplash.

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