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A 2005 Fleetwood Remodel Full of Coastal Charm

We love it when our readers reach out and share their remodeling stories with us. This time its a 2005 Fleetwood remodel that comes to us from Judith and Bob in Florida. This home has been completely transformed from an average mobile home into a coastal retreat.

A Fresh Start

When Judith and Bob, both self-employed, decided to make the move South from Connecticut, they purchased a 2005 4 bedroom Fleetwood double wide that they could make their own. Although the home was in good shape it was in desperate need for an update.

Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before Photos
Not much had changed in this 2005 home.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before Photos
Updates were definitely needed.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before Photos
Typical kitchen layout.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before
Lots of natural light.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before Photos
Weird placement for a cabinet?
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before Photos
Nice size bedroom.
2005 Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel Before Photos
The exterior is full of potential.

The couple decided to tackle most of the projects themselves, with some help from friends. The bigger projects they hired contractors for. The list was pretty extensive and included:

  • Enclosing front porch and building a back deck
  • New roof and new aluminum siding
  • Front Landscaping
  • Updated laminate flooring throughout
  • Fresh paint color
  • Replace sliding glass door for french doors
  • Total upgrade of the kitchen including cabinets and appliances
  • Remodel of the second bathroom

Cool Colors and Coastal Decor Are a Perfect Combination

We asked Judith how she developed her Coastal decor scheme and here’s what she told us:

I scour images of decor and looks that I like, then get ideas of how or where I can get a similar look or item for less. Many of my absolute favorite items have been found at estate sales in the area, or discount retailers like Marshalls and Home Goods. I search the internet and prefer not new items…I feel I am giving them a new life. It is a privilege to fall in love with something another has put to rest and give it a good home.

I have 2 large dogs so cleaning is essential. I keep my décor pretty uncluttered and have a place for most things so I don’t get overwhelmed with cleaning up dog hair. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The remodeling projects came in at a cost of around $30,000 but the finished look is one that is just right for the Florida area. Light colors, coastal decor, and a nice screened in porch for entertaining all compliment this 2005 Fleetwood remodel perfectly!

Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel After Photos
Light and bright describe this space now!
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel After Photos
Love those chairs.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel After Photos
Those old cabinets are long gone.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel After Photos
French doors replaced the old sliding glass doors.
2005 fleetwood double wide remodel bedroom after
Even the ceiling fan gives off a coastal feel.

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2005 Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel After Photos
The back deck is spacious as well.
Fleetwood Double Wide Remodel After Photos
Hard to believe its even the same property.

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The couple says they feel blessed when they look at the before and after pictures and see how much they accomplished with their 2005 Fleetwood remodel. Of course, there is always fine-tuning to do and Judith says she is still tweaking the home. Of course, the remodel didn’t come without challenges, and her advice is to treat your mobile home just like a regular stick-built home and you will be able to transform it, it just takes imagination, desire, and creativity

Judith tells us that she can’t pick just one favorite part of their 2005 Fleetwood remodel, she loves it all, and we can see why! this home is gorgeous and reflects everything there is to love about Mobile Home Living.

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As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

Kim Alley
Kim Alley has been a part of Mobile Home Living since 2017 and has written over 300 articles for the site.



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